Thursday, June 21, 2007


I'm ADDICTED. well and truly hooked. this will be my second post of the day, something i think might not happen too often. lulls like this at work are very rare ;)

so many things are going round in my mind that i think im gonna turn to bullet points. i think bullets are such an indispensable part of my life - i resort to them in times of sheer confusion, as break through clutter techniques and most of the times for sheer neatness, which im a HUGE fan of.
  • I need to read a new book. i get listless if i dont read a nice satisfying book every now and again.
  • I just found out i had been mentioned anonymously on someone's blog. . also, V tagged my house on wikimapia (which i found out later) ! yay im famous.
  • I had a HUGE unnecessary fight with someone last night, for somethign that hilarious now. mabe i was being my creepily emotional self. being a woman sucks sometimes.
  • I also found out that 2 frnds of mine had been meeting secretly since the last one year (nealry 3 times) and i dint get invited cos i dont smoke and (maybe) dint drink. Hence.
  • I went through my old diary (the good ol hard copy types) and found a coupla old poems i loved. shall put one down here when i have some more time and im home.

Gotta leave for a meeting now (oh ya! im at work. these last 20 mins i was so beautifully oblivious to the fact that im afraid of who mustve walked past my desk thinking "shes underemployed") and thats not a good thing, considering my new boss who'll scurry to give me new work which ill go underground with.

The good thing about this meeting is that its 5 mins away from my house. i had nothign to do ith thefact that this meetings at 4 p.m and ill get to go home after that. nope. not a thing. heh heh

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Prachi said...

what is this?!! You do know that you havent put a post in the last 20 hours, right? hehehe ...