Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Taggosaurus

I got Tagged! (Kinda has the same rhyme as VH1's Ashton Kutchers Uber cool show 'You got Punked') So, since this is a first (yay) and also since the same is required of me on Facebook, when a very old school friend wrote me an adorable message whilst tagging me (Emotional blackmail), I shall go the copy paste and the killing two birds with one stone way.

I need to list 25 random things about me. (I fear that when I start rolling, I'll reach triple digits) But shall restrict to top-of-mind answers.

Anyway, This is a disclaimer - If at the end of the 25 bullet points reader deems writer too weird to satisfy societal norms, I, err, wouldnt blame you. here goes. In no order.

  1. I Love my star sign. No, you dont get it, if it was normal, it wouldnt be on this list. I LOVE MY STARSIGN, and almost qualities associated with it.
  2. I can Kill for Brownies AND/OR Cheesecake. Really, if you want some, get your OWN.
  3. When im crossing the street, and if there's a Zebra crossing, I walk ONLY on the white stripes. If Im walking on a cobblestone/tiled pavement, Ill only walk on the odd tiles/similar shaped/colored tiles.
  4. I can NEVER walk past someone begging without giving something. Ive tried, but it doesnt really work. Its another OCD I have to live with.
  5. I have 5 watches. And I still want more. Watches, Perfumes, Bags and Shoes. Thats it.
  6. Im not a very Dog person. The only animals I even like are Horses. (Im gonna get socked for this one no?)
  7. I currently have Sony Ericcson cellphone earphones plugged in my Ipod.
  8. Until a year ago , The only perfumes I ever owned (and bought) were Mens. I am now the proud of 3 womens perfumes which were gifted to me :D
  9. I started crying at a birthday party when I was 8 cos the FIRST gift i ever won at (ANY) party turned out to be a wrapped plastic cockroach. The next gift I ever won was 5 bottles of Citra in kids housie.
  10. If You tell me a ghost story/ If I watch a creepy movie/scene, I wont get sleep that night. (or a few after that too)
  11. I have had braces TWICE and my teeth are still having a party playing musical chairs.
  12. I love babies. I could have some serious babykidnapping symptoms specially if i encounter a particularly cute one.
  13. I tend to be jack of all, Master of none. I played basketball, badminton, swam, did horse riding, sailing and surfing in summer vacations every year, but never excelled majorly in any of them. The line stopped at good.
  14. I had to take 15 injections in the sole of my foot (Interferon) for stupid warts that never even hurt, but bugged me when I looked.
  15. I am a sticker for being a good host. So much so, Ill spend half my time out of the room catering to random requests.
  16. Damn, I still got 9 to go. Will cleverly disguise randomness in one point so as to have one less muhahaha
  17. I used to get my hair cut along with my Dad at A1 Gents Parlor till I was in the 6th standard. I suspect not many people in the parlor figured I was a girl cause my clothes of choice were ONLY shorts and T Shirts. Now I have a near waist length Mane.
  18. I 've been Bald Twice in my life.
  19. I secretly want grand romantic gestures (even in a little way) to be sprinkled along the course of my life. Romantic movies make me dreamy :D
  20. I Hate most women drivers. (Sigh. I know)
  21. I Hate when a guy thinks he's better than me. In any aspect.
  22. At gym, Two women told me they liked my butt. I responded with an embarassed cough and an equally random 'You should try squats with the bar + 40 pounds' and shuffled away.
  23. I need alone-time. If Im out all day, or at a party late night, I still need to come home and just spend some time with myself. Listening to music, looking out the window or even just doing nothing. I hate someone joining me for a jog. If I see someone I know, I discreetly try to switch directions. (is this two points?)
  24. I was Memory game champ in an Interschool Delhi school competition in the 1st standard. I won a bicycle, a tea set and some cash. My mother won the award for 'Most supportive parent', courtesy a picture taken of her looking ridiculously nervous, standing next to my table when it was the final game. I on the other hand, was looking impatient (Get this over with and feed me people types).
  25. Contrary to initial opinion, I actually enjoyed this tag and sincerely hope that you'll dont abandon me :)

Okay, so heres the problem - I have to Tag 25 people! I dont even know 25 people who wont think its weird I'm tagging them, or kick my butt for doing so. Nevertheless, here are the ones I want 25 utterly random things about -

Piper, Snow, Aditya, Rockpsyched, The Nomad, The Lonewolf, Smita, Abhishek, Imps mom, PJ, Perplexed, Jack, Mumbai Diva and Sunshine for now.

Please oh please pick it up, its only fair. :D and of course, let me know when you have and all that. Cheers!


hitch writer said...

When im crossing the street, and if there's a Zebra crossing, I walk ONLY on the white stripes. If Im walking on a cobblestone/tiled pavement, Ill only walk on the odd tiles/similar shaped/colored tiles.

Geeee.... this is scary i do that tooo, obsessive compulsive disorder is what all told me, when i mentioned in a quirky tag i once did in the past -

I have one watch and I dont want to wear it !

16) your caught !

I havent been bald ever in life and I am dying to get my head shaved off once...

Women drivers are still better the young college going guys are the worst !!!

Nicely done !!

Anonymous said...

Now I see why you call yourself a tomboy :D
No mention about the sea ? :P

Serendipity said...

Hitch - I was JUSSSTTTT gonna let u know that I did it, and u commented!! and damn, did u have to mention # 16!! :D

@ Sunshine - Arrey, I had to say random things na! I love the sea etc are things Ive repeatedly said in this blog. right na? :D

hitch writer said...

I am so jobless... I am just waiting for some one to post... lol....

Serendipity said...

We all are. Recession time. :D

Aniket Thakkar said...

Hi there... I randomly stumbled onto your blog from Rahuls after I read 'All That Jazz' (I love the song that Catherine sang), then your Id 'Serendipity' (My fav. word... honestly... and one of the fav. movies too! So much so that I am going to share my first dance with my wife whenever I find her on its soundtrack 'Moonlight Kiss' .... one random fact abt me :-D). So this was enough to compell me to read through and I must say you have some very random stuff out there....lolzz! Though I don't believe in sun signs.. moon signs... I do love Pluto... its sad he is no more a planet! At point 2.. I agree... 'Joey doesn't share food'! @ Point 11: I am half tooth... lost half a tooth in class 10... I like it better now! @ Point 16: This made me bound to comment here... ROFL! @ Pont 23: Oh I need my alone time too... I hate it when someone disturbs me then!!

PS: Hope I didn't come strong on the first encounter... I often tend to scare people away by talking too much... probably thats why have more friends in the blogging world! :-D Planning to go through your rest of the posts the first chance I get!

Serendipity said...

Hi Aniket :) No, you didnt scare me off. Im half a talk-a-thon myself. lol.

Since uve anyway told me at least 2 random things, YOUR TAGGED!go on, do it!

Smita said...

God!!! You tagged me??? Why o why???

Ayways lol @ the zebra crossing thing...BTW even I used to use only male deo's

You did it in a cool manner it was fun reading :) I might not even remember 10 things about me :)

snow said...

that was so hilarious/random/insightful/cool lol @ 9, 16, 22!
# 1 is sooo like me :D
# 3 is OCD, confirmed now hehehe i'm not too far, especially when walking on tiled floors... i keep thinking about 'symmetry' for some reason..
# 20, sad but true -- on an average, a woman driver is calm but darn, can she be stupid!

boy, it'll take me forever to do this one hehe but i know i'll be doing it very soon! i'm a sucker for tags.

Aniket Thakkar said...

I hate chain events... (another random thing).... but this sure is fun! I was planning of writing one just for the fun of it... (as I was not hoping anyone would ever tag me) Will surely put up my randomness by tomm.! :) And you better read it after I take the pains to write them (That wasn't too bossy for only the second comment was it?? :-D)

Sigh, I'll have to deviate from the norms of writing pure fiction though... but what the hell... its my blog... so I make the rules! :-D

Aditya said...

I do the walking on coloured tiles bit.

Bald, twice? One of those at birth?

# I Hate most women drivers. (Sigh. I know)
# I Hate when a guy thinks he's better than me. In any aspect.

If so, then I think I'm a better driver than you. :D

And I shall respond not today, but on Saturday; and with not 25 but 26. Yes, there is a reason. ;)

Also, now I have a desire to take a look at your butt. Yes, I said it!

Serendipity said...

@ Smita - Try! once i started I thought i could go on. Im quite a weirdo Ive realizd. :D

Hi Snow! - U just wait till I read yours :p

@ Aniket, Stop worrying about comment etiquette! (Is there some I should be aware of?) And go do the tag. I shall read and make fun. Rest assured. :D

Ad - You're REALLY ASKING for it Mister. Dont say i Did'nt warn ya. :P

And birth baldness would mean bald =thrice.
Once in the 2nd std, once in 6th. :P
My dad still has delusions that we both will go bald once more in the summer to beat the heat. I offered my brother as proxy. :D

Sai Charan said...

Hi Serendipity,

This blog is really nice and cool.

Your list of 25 random things is quite funny.

Well, thanks buddy for giving a friendly visit to my blog and writing your opinion.

Aniket Thakkar said...

Kept my end of the deal... Now you better come through! :-D

Though I drifted from being funny in the middle of it... :-D

CrazyDiamond said...

oh I love love tom boy girls girls. Should have come here more often.

Piper .. said...

:) loved it all, though some were weird! :) thanks for the tag.You`re the second one to tag me on this one! So I have to do it, I guess! :)
p.s - do I sound a lil constipated? That`s because I just completed the GRE and guess what? It was awful!! :(((((( far, far worse than what I had anticipated - even though I still think the qstns were really easy. I thought I was doing well - until I got to know the score! :(((

Mumbai Diva said...

of course, will pick up the tag. In fact you're the scond to tag me on this. 25!!! Oh god, this will take time.

Imp's Mom said... i realy have to do this tagged in facebook and am gonna copy ur style of copy and paste... will def do it, will take time though...and got something for u! come on over

Serendipity said...

Hi Sai Charan - lol! Thanks for the blog-compliment!
Just wanted to highlight the 'professional' fall downer in me! :D

@ Aniket - Im there!

@Piper - This post made me realize that Im a seriously crazy person :S But then I disclaimer-ed away, so cant say I didnt warn ya!! We're still friends right? :D

@ Mumbai Diva - gr8! waiting to hear from u! :D
also, BLOR MORE OFTEN!! :)

@ Crazy Diamond - Yeah, you shud'a. Oh arite arite, Make up for it now!! :D

perplexed said...

#19 is so like me! But i don't come across as that sort of a person at all. But i would love a snow white kinda story in my life!!:)

The Big Bad Wolf said...

Tagged!! Again. Mwuhahahhaha

Smita said...

Tag Completed here :)

pj said...

'I used to get my hair cut along with my Dad '
me too!!!...till i was in 4th grade!:P

Mumbai Diva said...

Whew!! Done and it's up for the world to wade through..