Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I went Here for the weekend! Its a direction (Towards Gujarat) Ive never driven down in before, and was mucho excited! Somehow, all previous weekend get-aways meant driving in the Pune/Mahableshwar/Matheran/Lonavla/Khandala directions with the lone exception of Durshet which was covered on the way back from Nashik one day.

First the Logistics for anyone who wants to go. 2 days max, in a good resort since there isn't much to do in town. (Except drink like its free, cause it almost is). Hence a good resort is a requirement in case of wanting to spend time indoors, (Swimming pool contributing to a fraction of activities). Its a 3-4 hour drive from Mumbai, with a few decent stops on the way. There's a Kamat for breakfast/snacks along the way which is the only restaurant I would recommend since the rest looked like halts for truck drivers.

Stock up on the booze on the way home for drinking friends and relatives, since Daman is almost like one giant Duty free shop. The Beaches are a slight disappointment, this being my first experience with black sand. Devka beach is pebbled which means not only does it look cluttered (an aside from the usual smooth as butter sandy beaches) but also, there are no activities here.

Jhampore beach is slightly better off, (picture below) with some interesting photography stunts with my new camera! I'm going to try not gloating there, but the Sony DSCT 77 is a seriously bad ass camera. And I mean this in the nicest sense of the term.

I did Horse riding on the beach! Rode this Beautifully Tall and sturdy horse named 'Chetak'. It was the first time I got onto a horse since the tenth standard when my last year of training was. (Serendipity trained in riding for 4 years whilst Dad was in the Navy. If it interest you, the fee was 25 Rs per month for alternate day, 6.oo a.m. in the morning classes for defence kids and 625 per month for civilians lol!! )

I started tentatively with the horse owner (or his little son was more like it) holding the reins alongside, but soon after asked him to let go and broke into a light trot. It was exhilarating, that tiny little pick of speed with the reins in my hand and while we didn't gallop or even canter (since the Horse is not riding trained - only drag along trained) the feeling of being on a horse, saddled up with the reins in my hand was enough to feel a rush. He bucked a few times as the trainer hit him (which I got very angry with) but he wouldn't respond to my gentle prods with my ankles, which made me feel really sad. Having said that, by the time I got off, I was rejuvenated and excited that I could get onto a horse with confidence and not feel as though its something I Haven't done in such a long time!

The resort had a small pond-like pool. (What is with these tiny pools anyway?!) The Naval pool was 10 lanes, Olympic sized and has me spoilt for life. Anything smaller and I feel like I'm swimming in a bathtub or something. It was fun for small races with the boys though. Needless to say, I won (all!) and it does wonder for ones ego. Specially when one is the only girl participating against the boys and one wins. This obviously means the Boys get the privilege of hearing this from me very often. :D
Also, FUSEBALL happened! At Mirasol . Oh, and I also played Frisbee for the first time! It took a couple of very (very very) badly placed throws to get the action right. In fact my first throw was so bad, I was made to throw in the direction of someone standing near the sea, and it STILL (bloody hell) Boomeranged its way dangerously close to disgruntled Uncle. But then, got the hang of it. Cant wait till next time! :)

Ok, In addition to Maldives, Durshet/Kolhad Rafting if your planning a trip to Daman and need info, ask!

On other developing news items, Something transpired over the course of last night and this morning and 6 followers have dropped off my blog. This, for some reason looks to be a conspiracy to me with a lot more bloggers having followers withdraw their everencouragingloveandsupport. Thats just mean no? Is there tum ting wong? :D

I just realized, I got these, from Imps mom. Hence without further ado, Thanks Imps mom. :)

I pass them on to Sunshine, Hitch, Piper, Snow, Kiran, Parul, Abhishek and Aditya Take a bow guys!
Hitch - This guy is fun. He's almost always the first to comment on most of the people he reads. how he does it is beyond me.
Piper and Snow - are recent nameless, faceless blogger friends who I have no idea why, But I really identify with! Most of their posts have me n absolute agreement! and I feel as though I almost know them!
Kiran - Is an outstanding, Inspiring woman. Met her at Indiahelps and I love her stories with the extremely adorable Krishh, who I have to say, will break a lot of hearts when grown up :)
Parul's ranting about the loss of a follower too! :) I absolutely love her slightly sarcastic, easily funny way of putting things. :D
Aditya is also a faceless blogger whose blog I first commented on since he wrote something about Regal Barista - a stone's throw from my house!
Abhishek - Look at this as stimulus to blogging again, Since thats at least one avenue to 'feel in touch'. And the Poems HAVE to make a reappearance now!
Sunshine - Your the only anonymous blogger Ive added to my F/B account or even given my real name to. Think we've been the longest blog-buddies for my blog. :)


perplexed said...

oooo.. I love the beach! something that we don't have here in bangalore :( The pics look lovely!(even with a bad cam!)

snow said...

Yay, that was a good read! I've been to Daman/Diu when I was like 6 or something.. love the 3rd pic btw. and oh "Anything smaller and I feel like I'm swimming in a bathtub" <--- lol lol and thankooo soooo much for the kind words.. I'm I'm I'm running out of words here hehe :D thankoo again, sistah!

(took me forever to post this comment, word verification was being moody lol)

perplexed said...

oh and i finally took up the tag, here it is:


karmickids said...

Honoured love...Thankee

eye-in-sty-in said...

lol.... I was abt to tag u!


Abhishek said...

This definitely is a stimulus !!! I have finished the tag one btw :)

hitch writer said...

hey thanks for the awards !!!! yipppeee !!!

i neeed to sit and also pass on all these awards but have never got around doing so.. maybe its time !!!

bout reaching first ! well thats what happens when you sit in office from 10 to 7 and have no work.... you have unlimited internet... and this addiction to bloggin...

Infact bloggin has lead to reduction in smoking !!! for me lol....

and if you keep travelling at this speed my jealousy is going to become a mountain !

Serendipity said...

@ pplxd - No no!! its an awesome camera i meant badass (slang for insanely awesome ) hehe will go read your tag.

Hi Snow! yeah, word verifications been acting like a dumass recently. :D

@ Karmickids - Your an inspiration to me..

@eye-in! Hello!!! Whereve u been :) Will go see ur post..

Hi Abhi - good. start email thread na. that will be better :D

@ HW - Ohya, know what that having little/no work feels like. ever wonder why Im blogging so much recently? ;)

Aniket Thakkar said...

Hmm... sweet camera u got there... My bro. gifted me a 10x optical zoom camera too... love it to the core! I so want to Goa now... I need a holiday!

And I caught the 'dad in Navy' part... Galti se kuch bura lag gaya ho kabhi to bhool chook leni deni muaf ji.....!!! lolzzzzzzzz!!!

PS: Love the list of your fav. bands ?& movies!
I love memento, good will hunting too.... and Sinatra can lift my mood anyday!!! 'Strangers in the Night' is an all time fav.!

Smita said...

wow!!! & sigh!!!

Aditya said...

Tried to comment the last time, it wouldn't let me!

You weren't in Daman for a wedding, were you? A friend of mine got married there about the same time... wish I was there. The furthest north I have been by road is Virar beach, which is also beautiful.

Serendipity said...

Ad - No, no wedding! Just generally :D

Serendipity said...

But there was a wedding in the resort I was at - that would be a crazyy coincidence! :D

Aniket Thakkar said...

Resuullttt!!! So all we one needs to do is find out a resort in Daman, where there was a wedding and ask who was the whackiest person around and we shall have your true identity. Mwuhahahahaha!!!

After I eliminate your threat, none shall stand against my plans of world domination!

Aditya said...

Unfortunately, my friends were there too, and they would give S a run for her money on the whackiness scale!

Aditya said...

I just checked the invitation. It WAS the same :D

Bloody small world! That was my friend getting married!

Serendipity said...

WHAT are u saying. This is weird!!
{thanks god she didnt write a post about a big fat wedding party} lol!!

Are U sure it wasnt some other resort. Since I havent mentioned resort name, u tell me whihc one they were at. Need to ID this :D:D so can tell 'omg the weirdest thing happened' story to ppl and it is confirmed true :D