Monday, February 2, 2009

Fed Ex vs. Rafa last evening. Clash of the Top two seeds in the world of Tennis. Conversation with Mom just before the Match -
Me - "So, Mom whose side are you on?" {Mom's a DIE HARD Federer Fan}
Mom - " Federer, But Nadal has been playing so well, and its commendable how much of a challenge he poses to Federer. (pauses for a minute) No wait, Im a Federer Fan, so Federer.
(Some time into the match when Nadal just wins his second set with some BEAUTIFUL angled forehand shots)
Mom - (exults with semi Yahoo type stance) "Hes playing so well no? He should just stay cool now, and concentrate on breaking Federer in the first 2 games itself."
Me - "err, whose side are you on?"
Mom - "Nadal!"
Rangbadlu girgit type side switching detailed above continued throughout the match. When the game was at a crucial 2 sets all (and unfortunately we were out) but when told, she had an incredibly perplexed "Oh no, whom to support look now" with so much sincerity that I pinched her cheek and found her ultimately cute.
Rafael, your cute. I like how your Racquet matched your wristband which matched your headband which in turn matched your shoes, which were contrasting your shirt very well. It brought our your tanned, even skin perfectly. Having said that, PLEASE wear better underwear. It was truly painful to see you undo wedgies every time it was your serve or 4 minutes, whichever came sooner.
Here's a fair warning. At a party, If you take it upon yourself to order shots for a half a dozen people (or more) at a party, ASK THEM IF THEY WANT IT. Specially if said shot were to cost 400 bucks a piece, and taste like bitter bathwater and needs to be washed down with sprite.
I just did this. And it turns out that my top three Qualities are Confidence, Openness, Extrovertism and Empathy. Which is true, but what about My great sense of humor and looks? GAHH. :)
Also, it said semi-high masculinity (68%) so i now have an official statistic to prove tomboyishness. err, anyone think i ought to be ashamed of this? hehehe
And you, reading this, DO IT! But, please to be making sure that 20 minutes are free since the quiz has long introspecting questions and 11 pages. Don't say I didn't warn you.
You know that feeling when a client calls you up and RUSH RUSH RUSH this job is so urgent and time lines are so critical and then out of dedication to duty you work work work and get job done in condensed amount of time, only to mail said client and you get an out of office reply?
"I (client) will be out of office until the 15th of February with no access to mails and blah"
Aren't they just peachy?
Last Sunday, the three girlies J, U and I sat for an hour and a half discussing travel plans (which I fear shall remain in exploratory phase only) to very ambitious (and out of budget) places like Ireland, Gold Coast, Ibiza, Bali and such. If any kind soul in aforementioned places would like to offer us help (stay, food and money lol) and advise, please feel free to do so. Also, European readers (if any) please to offer backpacking help which shall be reimbursed on your trip to India (or something).
Knowing trip above may not work out, I went ahead and made plans for Leh Laddakh with N. Leddus see where I go finally. Leddus hope I go SOMEWHERE finally.
The Nomad and Serendipity met before their Indiahelps meeting very ambitiously to grab a soup and sandwich before. We called the Soup Watermelon Juice and the Sandwich was called an 8" Veggie Delight pizza.
And I leave you with that. And this - :)


Anonymous said...

A poor european reader is ready to to welcome you here :) 9 in turn a personalized trip at Aksa beach :D and I am mean !)
I am unable to find you on facebook :(

Serendipity said...

How can that be! Same name as Orkut :) whcih btw, is on its way to being deleted.

Anonymous said...

hope Rafel listens you up :) and that test in interesting !!

dipali said...

Mom is cute:)
I wish poor Fed wouldn't cry, though:(
Happy hols, wherever you get to!

Aditya said...

"You are a Benevolent Analyst. "

whatever that means :)

94% Empathy
90% Agency (I had to look it up - I don't work in an Agency!)
92% Masculinity (*puffs chest*)
58% Femininity (*deflates*)
and my favourite:
04% Spontaneous.

That last bit is wholly true!

also, you said

"my top three Qualities are Confidence, Openness, Extrovertism and Empathy"

obviously, Math isn't among them. Either that or you've watched the Spanish Inquisition sketch from Monty Python too many times... :P

Serendipity said...

@ Dipali - thankee :) she is!
And Fed crying was TRULY heartbreaking.

Adi - hahahahha. thats like the bit whn Aishwarya said i know 4 languages - Hindi, Marathi, Tamil (?) and French :D Im wondring if I should edit post. too lazy :P

thing is, I was referring to my dna chart while writing and this was the score -
Confidence - 100%
Openness - 94%
Extrovertism - 94%
Empathy - 94% hence the top 3 = top 4. loll

On a side note, wasnt it an awesome test!
In a purple footnote, it told me to think about my own feeligns a little more and learn to be thoda selfish. which is stuff ive been getting from friends and family since a while now. so its so true :)

hitch writer said...

Fedex should have won !! Unfortunately he seems to have found a nemesis.

Rush Rush Rush ....

and hey how to copy right the pics ?? help some link ?

Serendipity said...

Hi Hitch! Ya, secretly even i wanted him to win..

and u can watermark through Picassa for copyrighting... let me know if u need help with that.

The Nomad said...

It was Veggie Lover's and me loved it!

Serendipity said...

Are u a wedgie? :D

Piper .. said...

Cool, cool Mom! :)
Plan a trip to the US. Come ans stay at our place and I can show you around as well :)

Serendipity said...

Hi Piper :):) Thankee for that offer, Im updating excel sheet btw, so dont be surprised to hear from me :):)

snow said...

Canada is up for grabs too, come come here!!! Oh and that annoying pinching habit of Rafa, that's annoying. hehe I'm a Rafa and Baghdatis fan, but for some unknown reasons, didn't want Fed to lose.

Aditya said...

Come to the UK! I'll cook for you, I'm getting good at it!