Friday, February 6, 2009

Luck by Charm!

Review time! We watched Luck by Chance last evening at the newly opened (and very plush) PVR Phoenix. First things first, I LOVED the movie, in fact all four of us who had gone, did.

Luck by Chance is First time feature director Zoya Akhtars offering. It shows a very realistic, no holds barred sneak peak into the life and times of actors, producers and film set crew. Although not so harsh as Page 3 or Fashion, this movie lets you in on what a newcomer trying to make a break into the world of films has to endure. The pace of the movie could seem slow to a few -- we're usually accustomed to the frantic pace and fast forwarding of events in commercial cinema. Not here, no. The director takes us step by step, engrossing us further and further until you don't even realize how long its been since you entered the theatre.

The story - simple, realistic, charming and well portrayed. It just strengthens the 'Good movies need good script' mantra critics have gone sore trying to teach the likes of Akshay Kumar and a few other top heroes who bask in the glory of 25 day collections made by high end marketing and promotion, but scripts that don't even need a mention. Why movies like 'Singh is Kingg' or even 'Rab ne ..' garnered so much attention and were declared 'Extraordinary' blockbusters is beyond me.

Coming back to this movie. Farhan Akhtar is effortless as as actor, very laid back and comfortable in his skin. This translates into a very subtle, yet impacting performance as one really begins to believe he is a struggling newcomer in this movie. And that's really the best part abut this film, each character carries off his role as though they've simply been filmed in real life, no one really feels as though they're acting. Konkona comes in with yet another completely adorable character, and fills it up with her simple charm. Shes put on a little weight, which is very visible in the film, but for some reason (I love her), I think its adorable.

Rishi Kapoor and Juhi are really cute... I think Juhis outfits (and hair styles) et all are a little over the top, but I'm guessing the character demanded it. Two of my favorite dialogues in the movie are (Farhan Akhtar to Isha) "You live in a cake" and (Rishi Kapoor) "He's a vulcano of telent" (no, there was no typo there :)) Dimple has EXQUISITE Indian wear and her bags are simply Dee-lish. If anyone (specially bag freaks like me) have noticed, her yummy Hermes Birkin in Burnt Orange and Large LV are unmissable :)

The only Link I missed in the movie was the role of Farhan's critical friend (the theatre actor) whose name I forget now. After the scene when the studio girl pushes his photos, there is no mention of it, hence I'm not sure where that even fit into the plot. I'm guessing it didn't. All in all, an enjoyable film, and the best part was the lack of songs. There's only one...the others are just woven into the movie/as background scores and don't bother you much. Go watch!

If anyone's into plays at all, I watched 'Murder on the Menu' last weekend, and LOVED IT! Cant tell you much, but I will tell you this - There's a murder, and as an Audience, your involved in guessing whodunit. A Fantastic script, and wondreful actors bring it all together in a 2 hour experience you wont regret! Its gonna be in Mumbai again on the 20th of Feb, so if u can make it, GO.


Psyched said...

the theatre actor was "Abhimanyu" I think

Piper .. said...

hey, i`m not reading this post because i want to see the movie first. :)

Serendipity said...

Piper - err, actually there is no spoiler :)

dipali said...

I loved the movie and your review!

Serendipity said...

Thanks D! :)
I am singlehandedly trying to send as many people to this movie as i can :) lol.