Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Certified Monica

Folks out of town? Maid On leave? EMPTY HOUSE? Sounds like Party time innit? :D
Serendipity was recently diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive-Clean ship coupled with Extreme-neurospecific-guest-entertaining-feeding syndrome reminiscent of Monica-Bing.
Cleanliness is next to tiredness she thinks.
The occasion was - The empty house. It seems to be a magic word. No sooner had I said 'My folks are gonna be out of to..." than calls were made, people invited and type and quantity of drinks decided. (Food is an unimportant detail, apparently). People came from near and far, to join in the revelry that is the departure of parents for a brief stint. (Long live out-of-town marriages).
The evening arrives. Enter Serendipity along with four hungry friends. There is obviously nothing readily available to eat at home, so hungry looks and cute faces from the other three prompt the removal of Venky's ready to fry chicken cutlets with some mayo and bread. simple enough.
Enter friend number 2. Hungry as can be. (By now the dishes used for aforementioned snacks have been washed, cleaned, kitchen platform wiped). Out come more dishes, more cutlets and more wiping and cleaning. Once the process is complete, Enter wife of friend number 7 (whose not come yet). and the WHOLE ALGORITHM is repeated.
Enter the last of the expected - friends 7 and 8. HUNGRY. (Surprised?)
Algorithm repeats.
One might ask why 8 hungry people were not anticipated. They WERE. the minute I had walked in home, had promptly ordered starters and food for everyone which naturally would take about 30-50 mins to be delivered. That 8 hungry as f*ck people are gonna land up in the space of 10 mins DYING of hunger wanting immediate gratification was one of those situations beyond control. In the midst of all this mayhem, there was also a dropping-and hence re-doing incident which I have not elaborated on.
Anyway, the evening proceeded with a lot of fun being had, jokes being cracked. (no breakage was reported), and Serendipity rushing to wash each dish the PRECISE INSTANT it was being placed in the sink.
Lol. All in all, it was fun. Friends over always is. Semi-Drunk friends? Even better!
And What you did on Valentines? Tell tell!


hitch writer said...

Aaah !! those were the days, parents out of town and friends home for a party... geee i miss those days...


Touchwood * 3 ....


Valentines was nice, dark chocolate pastries, french fries, sizzlers, orange juice and a few sandwiches tooo with wifey and kid !!!

Whats best, It was all done under the pretext of treating wife to a valentine dinner !!

Now back to jogging !!

Serendipity said...

Hi Hitch! Thanks for the back-track in the previous post. it was very sweet of you.

Sounds like you've EATEN AND EATEN on the day.!! were there any gifts involved? :D

Anonymous said...

Someone sure had fun :)

Serendipity said...

Oh I did. :D
Although my dad, whose back today disovered his ice tray empty and a bottle of budweisr in the fridge and wasnt very amused. :D

snow said...

LOL friends over = absolute madness !!! :D 'cleaning as soon as dish was placed in sink'? woohoo, I'm semi like that.. i let at least 2-3 dishes pile up hehe

Piper .. said...

what`s with the cleaning? You really another Monica Bing??? Here I was, somehow imagining you to be like Rachel instead!(dont ask me why! Pbly because I really like Jennifer Aniston!)
:) someone sure had a blast! :)
After the exam, came home and slept. Then went for a chick flick, and dragged The G along,by his collar literally. And then to a quiet dinner at the best Greek place in town. That was the high point of the day really! :)

Aditya said...

Now I know who is singlehandedly keeping Venky's afloat! :)

And on V-Day, I was at a party watching people get drunk, that's about it...

Said even will be replayed THIS saturday, but this time at my expense! :(

Serendipity said...

Hi Snow! - Thats a good idea, and was proposed to me by more than one person :D

Hi Piper - I think im a cross between the two :D
Which chickc flick did u wtch? I want to see 'He's not that into you' and Im sure Ill have a majorly sexist post after that! Glad the exams over :D

Ad - Lol!! Yeah, Venkys ought to pay me commision. watchign other drunk people is awesome. I once made a friend say alphabets in french when he was drunk as hell. :D

and have fun!! (Pre birthday bash?)

Piper .. said...

heyy.. I watched 'He`s just not that into you!" Its a fabulously entertaining movie. Everyone in the movie hall was in splits, including a very reluctant G! You must watch it! :) I thought the film involved a few serious issues, which were showcased in a funny manner.

The knife said...

we spent Valentines with my in laws, wife's in law, also stsarring as various parents, aunt in law and family uncle

I have been diagonosed by FB as Joey (must be the food part) and Chandler (confirmist, sarcastic?)