Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Mom and Dad files

Happy new year has been wished and all that, but since this is my first post of 2009 its only Apt that I say it again - Happy New year everyone! Lets renew our faith and strength and gear up for this year.
Happy Birthday Mom! Her birthday was on the 4th, and was celebrated with a small Chocolate Hazelnut Cake from Gaylord (Please, get some for yourselves too, its unbelievable *smacks lips*) We did the whole candles (one for each decade + one for the other years) and she still insisted we had too many in there!

On another note, that night, as we sat waiting to leave, to go out for dinner my Dad and I were talking and I happened to mention seeing a set of suitcases he had bought from a friend, in a store on Colaba.
Let me give some background. Dad is a simple person, he understands politics only from the news, and will do anything for his friends, unquestioningly. He tends to believe too easily and hence qualifies to be on the gullible side - anyone sounding slightly in need/genuine, and my dads sold. This obviously means he's been cheated at points of time in his life.. by people he never thought possible. And he's movd past it as though he should've known better.

Anyway, recently he bought a pair of really nice suitcases from a jogging buddy who claimed he bought it from Abroad and is giving my dad a massive discount on it. Daddy, having bought the story, proceeded to buy the suitcases and very proudly came and gave them to me since they were very nice :)
A casual walk down Colaba, Mom and I discovered the same bags, (size, colour, brand) et all in a store, and cheaper than what the uncle had sold it to my dad for... we were stunned. Verified and cross verified when we got home, to confirm our suspicion. it was the same bag, CHEAPER.

I was mentioning this to him the other day as we sat waiting - 'Dad we saw the same bag, same brand etc...Uncle cheated you'. No sooner did I say those words than I saw a shadow go over his face, blanketing it with a softness, a tiredness and reluctant disbelief a look that I hope I never see in his strong, determined face ... and he said 'No I havent been cheated, it mustve been different'.

And there wasnt a bone in my body that wanted him to think otherwise. 'Yes', I said. 'It mustve been a different brand'.


Anonymous said...

Seems like your dad is indeed GEM of a person. Really appreciate him simplicity. Something thats really rare these days.

hitch writer said...

Belated happy birthday to your mom !! and hey the event with your dad... happens.... it could also happen the uncle was also tricked....

chill dear..!!

Kamana said...

There was this one time when waiting for me at Marine Drive, Hitesh met a guy who said that he had been robbed and wanted cash to go to Pune-his Home. He walked away richer by 500 bucks after giving his mobile number and home phone number.
Both do not exist.
But Hitesh insists that the Guy was in genuine need.
How can some people have such a dogged belief in the good of humanity.
Love him for it.

Serendipity said...

@ Dont walk alone :) - Yeah its rare, but also not a very good thing. Mom and I go nuts trying to tell him how some people are not necessarily nice, some are selfish but to no avail. Anyway., I love him for that so :)

@ Hitch - Thankee :) Im petty enough to wish he was tricked. cos I felt reeally bad.

Hii Kamana! - Ouch. that really sucked. reminds me of a smiliar incident with me, which keeps happening REPEATEDLY. But I prefer not learning from them, so even if that one genuine case comes along, its worth it.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha.... I liked the way you addressed me. Got to say you have a good sense of humour :)

Paradox Philic said...

Hey... what a coincidence..my moms birthdays falls on the same date as well!

First the love for the word Serendipity and now this... I am wondering if the list of coincidences end here :)

eye-in-sty-in said...

the good thing abt simplicity is - you might be taken for a ride, but you'll never lose ur soul in the process! feel sad to hear about the incident, but also feel happy to know that people still choose to believe in this day and age!

Happy New Year to you!

dipali said...

Such innocence in today's tough world. Your dad sounds like a real sweetheart.

Serendipity said...

@ Dontwalkalone - lol! Thankee.

@P Phyllic - Happy belated to ur mum! who can not love serendipity. its suchan awesome word. M thinking a tattoo. :)

@ Eye-in - Happy noo year to yoo too! :)and yep, sometimes we just have to have faith.

@ Dipali - he is. (in a macho way) hehehe (this one time i called him sweet somwthign he snapped back at me indignantly with a 'men are not sweet')

Aniket said...

Well, for one thing I get 'sweet' a lot too. (Hangs head down in shame) but yeah, your Dad rally seams like a swell guy (and am sure he is :-) )

The same is the case with my mom. She'll go out helping anyone and everyone, in almost every possible way. And she always has a smile on her face. I don't know how she does it.

Dad is more of speak less, observe more kinds. Totally opposite to me. My English teacher, wrote in my slam book:
"My dear Aniket, the fact that god has given us two eyes and two ears but only one mouth, itself suggests that we shoud see and hear twice as much as we speak." :-) :-) ;-)