Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh Boy!!!

Im back (briefly) for a day before I leave for Mahableshwar (tomorrow). Before it sounds all cool and vacation hopping, its not. :) Mahableshwar is office review meet thingy which owing to (a**hole recession) is NOT happening in a foreign location. In case the small unkypunkymood badge on the blog is not visible clearly and telling folks, I was in GOA for the last 5 days. :) got back last morning wayy too early in the morning for my comfort and headed to work.

My voice, will join me in a few days (is still in Goa somewhere I suspect) . Hence until then I shall resort to hoarse whispering and typing on cellphone, since I sound like a MAN.

Coming to the trip, Oh boy-oy-oy-oy-oy!!! Never before have I had SO MUCH fun concentrated in a space of 5 days before! The place we stayed at (Hacienda) was 5 mins away from Baga beach, really homely and inviting...considering we were a group of 42 people, we filled up the place, and pretty much took over the house. At any point of time, if you were to walk around the place, you'd find some of us scattered around - on the lawn, in a few open rooms, in the reception. we were everywhere! :)

Partied till 5 each morning, ate prawn curry rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Had there been any meals in the middle, we would've had the same then as well I suspect.

The TAN. Much lesser and quite subdued compared to the Maldives trip, which had everything to do with me acting like Miss Freak-of-nature, applying and reapplying suntan every 30 mins or so, hiding under humongous (and really cool) hat which i bought an hour into reaching Goa. (i also did jet skiiing after sunset, and also jumped into th water only then which would've contributed to a major proportion of the tan had there been one.) O kay, don't judge me, I got bai-like tan the last vacation i went to, and I'm mentally scarred for life.
Meals were eaten at Boscoes (Baga), Zanzibar (Baga), Curlies (Anjuna), Brittos, club Ivy, Totos and breakfasts in Hacienda itself. Yummy french toast and chaai everyday :) Partying happened at Ivy, Nine Bar (Rave type but INSANE house music), Poison and Shiro (must-see full on romantic dinner by the sea type place).

To add to the frenzy of all things that happened, I had a bike accident and got a Tetanus injection too. The bike accident was scary, obviously miss smarta** was riding. And for reasons known to her, lost control on a turn. What ensued was 10 mins of people trying to ascertain damages by cellphone light since it was dark. I'm fine though, a bunch of NASTYY bruises on knees, stomach and thighs aside. A, behind me was fine too, a few scratches here and there... What Ill remember from this fall is falling, not knowing what the f happened for the first 2 mins, and hearing A say 'S, are you OK' repeatedly till I managed a 'I'm fine'. Persistent little brat stands up, even though he was hurt too, stands me up, does a quick recce, and doesn't stop worrying till we reach home and dab undiluted dettol all over. (YARGH).

Anyway, so that was the bike accident. Scared I was, sore and hurt all over the next few days, but the blow to the ego was the biggest. My first reaction (absurdly) was to blame A for my loss of balance. I wish I could pass it off as him having distracted my attention, but as a rider, I am fully accountable for my own as well as my pillions safety, so It was my fault. Though I wish it was his. or someone Else's. But that's the thing, A was so concerned about my safety and the hurts I felt creepy and petty for wanting to blame someone else.

There was a dance...the kinds I always wanted. Beach, stars, music, red dress. And jet skiing in the moonlight, with the moonrays dancing along with us...BUT that's a whole new post.

All in all, this trip was a million thoughts, a trillion memories and a gazillion posts rolled into one.


hitch writer said...

Some people have all the fun !!! and they sound like a man too !!! well well .... jealousy rules here !!

Serendipity said...

haha. Trust me, people are beggin me to shut up. and i think ill edit the man bit to - boy whose about to hit puberty. :P

Serendipity said...

err shut up cos my voice sounds so bad ..i.e :D

hitch writer said...

The fun & happiness is brimming !!! Touch wood !!!!

Imp's Mom said...

nice to now you are having a great time.. :)

Happy new year! And really delayed, apologies, have something for you here

have fun at Mahabaleshwar!

Anil P said...

I'm glad you got off lightly. Goa can be a tad risky where riding two-wheelers is concerned. I've seen more than my share of it all.

At Baga it's quite a sight to see fishermen at their boats, sorting nets etc.

snow said...

Everyone's talking about Goa and all, I wanna visit too, I wanna I wanna :D A fun post, had fun reading it!

Smita said...

Clealry you had a helluv time :D

BTW Kitna weight gain kiya :P

Jack Sparrow said...

Good to know you had a blast ! Really happy you had that dance :) We'll catch up when you get your voice back ... take care re !

Serendipity said...

Hi Imp's mom - Thank you thank you!! :) Wish u and the Imp a great new yr :)

@ Anil - Yep, we got off lightly. Although i had a nasty scare when i got a clump of grass in my hand when i fell and thought it was my hair. :S lol

Hii Snow! - Go now! Its a good time, not too hot and not too cold, not too crowded either. :)

Serendipity said...

Hi Smita - dont even start about the weight. Im waddling around now :( two weeks of non stop awesome food is injurious to health!!

Hi Jack!! - Voice now accompanied by fever cold and cough. Antibiotic protocol has been implemented, should kick in soon. :) been out of network since the past 4 days, will catch up soon.