Friday, January 23, 2009

Weight for me?

I really need to get down to it. Working out again i.e. The question is HOW? The Gym i worked out with for 3 years, has gone and gotten itself a new swanky avatar - a new name (5), a new location, and additional activities (A Plush Swimming pool among others).

Sounds good so far. My gym fee used to be about 15 grand (inclusive of taxes) for the year until the last year. I didn't renew gym when my membership expired cause I would've been getting married and moving. (note - missed the offer of a yr membership @ Rs. 18,000). To further note that I am one of those people who -
  • Is not only a foodie, BUT
  • Puts on weight like its in fashion AND
  • Eats when shes upset/angry etc.

This cant be good.

Moving onto the Renewing Business. I acknowledged my wanting-to-get-back-to-gym-and-get-ass-kicked hence called up gym to inquire about new rates.

Me: "Hi, I'm (Insert Real life name), wanted to inquire about your new gym rates, wanted to renew my membership."

Guy (Major smile beaming through phone voice): "Sure Ma'am - The yearly fee is Rs. 27, 555. Would you like us to come by and pick up your payment?"

Me: (Gulps) "27, 555? Inclusive of tax (12.36%)?"

G: (Less smilingly):" Taxes extra"

Me: (Slow sinking cant-afford-it-feeling coupled with quick 27555*.1236 calculation) "What about off peak hours?"

G: (Shes not gonna join voice):"Ma'am we've discontinued the off peak hour rates. We now have a standard fee. This entitles you to use the swimming pool, steam, sauna all for free (FREE, REALLY? wtf am i paying 30 grand for then?)"

Me: (Desperately): "Ive been a member for three years! Cant i get a discount? Is Shahzad (the Manager last I went). Can you please check"

G: (Stop wasting my time voice), (Two minute pause) :" Ma'am we can give you a five percent discount on the total cost"

Me: (mentally calculating 27,555 - 0.05*27,555 = f*ckloads of money): "All right let me call you back shortly"

By now im quite upset and pretty sure I wont be able to join cos shelling out close to 30 G for gym just wasn't happening. My middle class upbringing forbids me from splurging that money although it sits pretty in account, could be put to better use. Anyway, to further (and then end) the conversation.

G: "Ma'am if you were to ask me, our best scheme and most economical one for you is the three year package. Only 69, 555 for three years."

Me: (in my mind) "Shut up"

Me: (Out Loud) :" Ok great, ill have to call you back". (open a send-me-to-gym foundation, gather funds and then)

Now, considering I gymmed with them for three years, its a given that my name and number are in the database. No sooner did I hang up with Euphoria-now-5 guy, i get the sms below -

"Members are requested to bring their own swimming pool caps while availing facilities. The new and improved 5 also has something something for your all round fitness regime."


Anway, Coming back to square one. Needing to get down to it. Must start deadlining. And weight losing. Let me start with 3 Kgs. By end Feb? Anyone wanting to be mentor and shouting at me end Feb if this deadline is not met, feel free. To note I will make sad face and get away so please to be hardass. Volunteers?


The knife said...

Being a migrant my yardstick to gym memberships used to be - will I be staying at this pG anymore, in this city anymore? And now I realised that I am close to completing tn years at bandra and Bombay (26th Jan). I've been to multiple gyms and the 40 minutes of work out used to be an equivalent of a woman's parlour time. Had to give up because of a bad back. Thank God for Carter Road and the walks. Absolutely free too. I am a foodie and I think I will soon need to shop from Revolution

hitch writer said...

How about some early morning jogging !!!! its freee !!!!

Serendipity said...

@ The Knife - lol. Had I been you, I wouldve been shopping at Revolution years ago. :)

@ Hitch write - thats an awesome suggestion. Theres only 2 small problems with it - 'early' and 'morning'. :):)

hitch writer said...

early and morning is my problem tooo sigh...

but if i miss it i make up in the evening at 8 !!!!

hitch writer said...

):"Ma'am we've discontinued the off peak hour rates. We now have a standard fee. This entitles you to use the swimming pool, steam, sauna all for free (FREE, REALLY? wtf am i paying 30 grand for then?)"

ha ha ha .... this is just like it in our country !!!! read this :

Anonymous said...

how about the Ramdevji baba stuff ? ;)
hey it works but :D :D

Aditya said...

Aha! Someone's in my boat too!

Just three things:

1) Walk. 40 minutes fast walking. If you commute, get off a couple of stops before and walk back. I did Grant Road Stn to Walkeshwar every evening.

2) Don't eat between meals. Just don't be near food that time.

3) One helping of everything is allowed, no more. Exception: Salads without dressing and fruit. No aerated drinks. Don't heap your plate.

I lost close to 10 kilos (over 8 months though) through this.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Hehehehehe... Atleast you have a will and intend to act on it... I am still contemplating whether I should visit a Gym or not :P

eye-in-sty-in said...

If you eat less, you can save the money being spent on food. This can go to your gym fund. By the time you accumulate 30K, you wont need it anymore. :D

Moderation is the key! Rest of the locks are not worth picking!

Smita said...

I had typed a real long comment but my internet connection paid tyrant :-(

These charges are for sure too much. Sometimes I feel finding the right gym is as difficlut as finding a good tailor. Last year when I was on a serach either fee would be too high or the gym would be far or the timings wouldn't match. Lukcily my new office has a gym & aerobics classes.

I hope u find a gym soon, I know once you start feeling that youv'e gained there is an urgency to lose as well....

Good Luck :-)

Piper .. said...

whoa! I had no idea a gym membership costs that much back home!! :(
Btw, if you do find some good tips(without the diet and the exercise part), lemme know.. I need to work out as well :)

The Big Bad Wolf said...

uh your getting married?

Serendipity said...

@ Aditya - Done. Shall get cracking. seems do-able :)

@ DWAlone - Willpower wont get rid of the six pack flab. hehe

@ Smita - ABSOLUTELY. spcially one with a price tag that fits. loll!

Serendipity said...

@ Piper - sure, Aditya has some good tips above. Otehr than that i think cutting out Rice from meals helps as well. :)

@ BBW - I was.