Thursday, June 30, 2011

The ARGHHHH files

How to fail a driving test 6 times in the USA (while havign driven 6 years in the rest of the world).

  • rolling stop at stop signs

  • taking a right turn from a not-so-rightmost lane

  • not yielding to vehicle on main road

  • even though the right turn is FREE, STOP COMPLETELY and then turn

  • hit a curb while parallel parking

  • not stop for 'long enough' at the stop sign according to the instructor
LIKE SERIOUSLY? Is this really happening?

And to top if off, How NOT to get paid 3 weeks in a row.

  • Forget to fill your timesheet in before the hardstop Monday 11am deadline. For this I AM PISSED OFF. Hello, Im an intern, please TELL me when Im supposed to do these things SPECIALLY if i wont get paid for it.

  • Have your manager forget to approve it. PLEASE HR, inform our full time managers who dont fill time sheets that they're important to us measly Interns.
I fail to understand why Im running up against all these administrative hurdles. EVERYONE else seems to be doing ok! A friend of mine, who I DRAGGED to the DMV got his license at the first try, and he dint even study for the written!! I TALKED him through all the important things and he's done! I JUST WANT MY LICENSE AND I JUST WANT TO GET PAID.
Too much to ask for? And also, its that time of month. why not just make sure my week tumbles to the secret compartment below the bottom of the barrel of shit, right?


B said...

Hey! Delurking again (I'm the Austinite that commented on your campus shooting post) to let you know that I've been there with regards to the whole DMV thing. However, if I were to have a blog, my post would have been titled 'The Waaah Files' because I was a sobbing mess after I failed my first test (darn rolling stop got me as well). So kudos to you for handling it in a more mature manner than I did. My pride took a beating because I had driven for 10 years in India. You'll get your license soon enough, don't worry.
BTW, your mention of Alamo Drafthouse and Hindi movies had me celebrating prematurely - I LOVE the Alamo Drafthouse and I was thrilled to bits that they were now showing Bollywood movies. These days a lot of Indian movies have English names and I didn't realize that Bad Teacher was a Hollywood movie. Yeah, you can tell I don't get out much!

- Beena

P.S.- Are you enjoying our wonderful Texas summer? ;-).

Serendipity said...

I keep hearing these DMV stories. You probably wouldn't believe it...I didn't have to give a road test and I didn't even know how to drive a car back then. I learned how to drive after I got the license. Apparently there was some sort of exemption for me.. :)

Always gets the other side riled up :P

Anonymous said...

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Serendipity said...

Hi B!! :) Hope ur doing great!
haha, Texas summer is AWFUL but having a car really cuts down on the walking about now! also, yep ive been a crying mess at least 2 out of the 6 times at the DMV - i just dont know what to do all these silly rules keep popping up :((

Hi Serendipity - LOL! lucky u!