Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Absentmindedness of the week

  • Walked into a mens restroom at work, and told the guy who entered that he was in the ladies

  • Transferred my clothes from the washer to ANOTHER washer thinking it was a dryer starting a wash cycle, and then an hour later starting the WASH cycle AGAIN thinking the dryer wasnt working. Also, this was entered in the complaint book stating non compliance of dryer - and I ran 3 wash cycles before realizing it was A BLOODY washer.

  • At work - A colleague BOUGHT lunch because I thought the meeting we were headed to was brown bag. It was catered.

I cant deny it ANYMORE. I am absent minded as HELL.

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The knife said...

I remember a very late night at work from my early days at work when I walked into the loo and realised that it looked very different. Was the ladies!!! luckily I was the only person around