Monday, September 14, 2009

The Fugly Truth

Watch this. For a Fun filled 2 hours something and an inside on what Kaminas Men actually are (Read: Pretend to be).

Having been movie-less for the past two months on account of an extremely packed schedule, I finally broke the monotony with a regrettable experience watching Life Partner which frustrated me even more than I was to begin with. Enough said.

The Ugly truth caters to both sexes. For the Men, it serves a generous sprinkling of sexist jokes mostly all referring to the fact that Men like two things in a woman (I leave this to your imagination, though I will hint that they're both referring to two very prominent features of a woman's anatomy) lol. Gerard Butler pulls off being a typical Male Chauvinist with the arrogance of a suave Ladies man with a side order of adoring Uncle. A typical girls fantasy - A Bad guy gone good :D I know I DIG the kind.

For the ladies, there are generous doses of Eric Winters and Gerard Butler who fit into the Rom-com mode fantastically, though for me, he'll always be King Leonidas. (h-a-w-t). Katherine Heigl fits the role perfectly, a causal sexy smart and sophisticated virginal woman. Her metamorphosis into a more out-there sexy and Gerard Butlers tips for attracting men are a riot. 'Women should have longer hair', he says, 'since men like to have something to hold onto other than a woman's arse'. The movie is full of gems of wisdom such as this.

I think most women would identify with Katherine's character - the ones who believe the right guy is out there. Most men would also identify with Gerard - the ones who believe that Lust is easier to obtain than Love and also not so hard on the knees. But most of all, we all identify with the dilemma, of being completely swept away by what your feeling, when you least expected it.
Yes, the truth as Gerard finds out, is really out there. And sometimes, its pretty. Very pretty.


Aniket said...
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Spike said...

Hey Seren,
Gerard is right about the hair thing, ya know! lol @ not so hard on the knees ;-)

you picked life partner over Kaminey? and 9??!!

Mumbai Diva said...

Hmm... i caught the movie on saturday. simply loved it. laughed so much. I was surprised that some of the papers had not given it a good review. ah well...have stopped trusting them in any case.

Aniket said...

You might want to NOT publish this comment. I wont mind. :D

Viewer discretion is advised.

I haven't seen the movie...Yet. But since I like Katherine Heigl, I might just watch it.

Honestly, yours is the only positive review I've got for the movie, but I guess it comes down to what you went there expecting.

But if you like such stuff. You should most definitely and certainly watch the BBC Series "Coupling" if haven't done so already.

Some of My fav. quotes from coupling:

It is the four pillars of the male heterosexual psyche. We like: naked women, stockings, lesbians, and Sean Connery best as James Bond, because that is what being a boy is.

Girl Answers:
You know, I have never understood the male obsession with lesbianism - a whole area of sex with nothing for them to do. Just answered my own question, haven't I?


Having a bottom is living with the enemy. Not only do they spend their lives slowly inflating, they flirt with men while we're looking the other way

I can go on and on and on...

And if you havent seen District 9... Its max uber awesome! A mustt watch!

Serendipity said...

ANIKET - I LOVE COUPLING!!!! My fav character is Jeff!!! :D

Ive downloaded all seasons!! but i kinda stopped liking it after Jeff got bumped off

Serendipity said...

Spike (EISI!!) everyone i know has watched Kaminey and 9 and unwilling to come again :( thasswhy

@Mumbai diva- me too! I was wondering how it got sucha low rating! ether ways, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, it was a fun movie!!

Aniket said...

Jeff is everyone's fav. We too hated the 4th season when Jeff was gone.

I so fell in love with 'The Girl with Two Shadaime's' :D :D :D

I've seen that episode like a million times. I'm a biggggg movie/tv(us & uk) buff. Almost like an addict.

Do you watch The Big Bang theory and The Office too?

perplexed said...

I really want to watch this!! and that website is kinda fun!! :)

Spike said...

I just wrote a post a few hours back I was looking for company to watch 9 and District 9.... kaminey I have watched 3 times, but its definitely worth another watch!

Utopia said...

I wanna watch "The Ugly Truth" too but it hasn't been released in this wretched city. Sigh!

Btw I ain't a Fegussonite. :-) Symbiosis Law College hence the five years in Pune.

ani_aset said...

i'm movie less for a long time now :( i have missed out on so many good ones..nice post serendipity

Serendipity said...

@ Aniket - My fav was the 'L*sbian spank inferno when steve has to describe the documentary (?) to everyone at the dining table. :D
yeah, Im a HUGE big bang theory fan.

@ pplxd - it is isnt it?? Did u read some of the Ugly truths sent in by people :D

@ Utopia - whre are u? :)Symbi wouldve been my next guess ;)

Hi Ani_Aset - thanks! go watch!

Aniket said...

I am almost in tears out of happiness! Finally I meet a girl who has seen them all. I've watched everything House,Avatar, Heroes, So You Think You Can Dance, TBBT, HIMYM, Coupling, Hustle, Criminal Minds, Dexter, Seinfeld, Friemds, NCIS, CSI, Mentalist, Lie to Me, Raising the Bar, etc etc etc

Now if you've only seen Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Hikaru No-Go, DeathNote and HunterXHunter too then you'd the perfectest gal evvvvver!!!!!

PS: Wasn't it lesbian spanking inferno PART 2? :D :D :D

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