Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You'd think one would get enough of losing one phone a year. And then for some reason, you feel the need to outdo your expectations and lose another one. In-less-than-a-year. Although there were near-misses many times in the past year. Remember this guide? Turns out, it doesn't work if you drop your phone in a parking lot. (Who would've thought eh?)

I've come to believe that I need to staple my belongings on my person in order to retain them. How else can I explain losing the one item i check for furiously every fifteen mins in a wildly neurotic fashion? Incredibly upset doesn't even begin to describe how I'm feeling right about now.

Every time I figure out a way of making sure I don't lose it in a moving vehicle or a restaurant, a new explored territory (e.g. parking lot) takes me by surprise, or the item rotates (remember this?) Among the many mysteries that engulf my everyday life are why I'm insistent on losing important, expensive and impossible to recover things. Why cant I just lose simple things like hair clips and pens. (Err No, wait scrap that, I do those already).

After reading this, I can no longer claim to be 'fairly responsible', and the boy has taken it upon himself as one of his key 'to-do' things to remind me of every few hours (minutes). I'm still trying to figure out suitable come-backs as currently, I have nothing that can fly. Any help in this department will be greatly appreciated via honourable mentions on blog and oodles and oodles of free publicity and increased blog hits. (I'll tell all 4 people who read this blog to visit yours).

To add to my already morose mood, Patrick Swazye passed away. He was one of my first crushes (Not counting Nick Carter of the backstreet boys uggh) and had a goosebumps inducing, flip-flop stimulating, voice and smile. The scene where he runs his finger down her hand? Can picture it with my eyes open. Patrick, for being the first man who made me want to dance with a boy *like that* and for being a complete dreamboat, You will be missed.


perplexed said...

i wish I could help.. I have lost my house keys 4 times!! my house keys also have my vehicle key attached to it!!

snow said...

Get one of those phones that can be tied to your wrist, like a watch or something. Hmm, just a *helpful* suggestion lol ;-) That's all I can think of, what with the high frequency of your phone loss :P hehe

Piper .. said...

Ohh god! How perfectly awful! :(:( I know how you feel,sweetie..:( I`ve lost a cell phone too.

Just another Indian said...

ur frequency s gone up ... surely making up for the lost rank ...
all the best

Mumbai Diva said...

it's a foregone conclusion that the more you try and look after something the more the possibility that it will go for a toss. My new phone fell down and now i can't see anything on the screen. All gone. Vamoose!

ani_aset said...

you have company :P
i lost two in a span of 6 months and if you have read my last post, i'm already struggling with the third :)
i can very well understand how you feel.
Feel bad for Patrick too, i was just planning to watch his movie and see some moves sigh

Serendipity said...

HI Perplexed! damn. thats a menace. Im sure u got a pelting from ur mum :)

Snowie! Im considering it :(

HI Piper!! howre u :) Im missing my phonee

@ JAIndian - u noticed ;) i dont know what happened bleddy!

@TheDiva - Dang! that sucks. hope it wasnt too expensive.

Hi Ani(Aset) Yup i did read your last post. I Hear ya buddy. :)

Spike said...

u have lost it! the phone! very sad... there is a solution

you can get a dog tracking collar and put it around ur phone... thata way if it gets lost, u can track it... but, how will u keep track of the tracker?!

Serendipity said...

@ Spike. full points on innovation!
but yep, how to watch the watcher? :D

Just another Indian said...

best idea ... keep ur phone in a locked cupboard at home .. keep the keys with you .. this way you can lose the keys but u would never lose the phone ...

Aniket said...

You most certainly have more than 4readers. Liar, you! See its all karma that you lose your phone! (that's what she said :P)

I don't understand why do you females torture yourself in the first place. You'll wear shoe's that'll hurt you. Carry such big bags that you wont even hear an alarm clock ringing inside it, leave alone a cell phone. You wear such tight jeans that its trouble to walk, leave alone a place to keep a cell phone.

Why can't you wear comfortable clothes that have say 'pockets' to keep the cell phone in and you wont have to carry it in your hands.

Got a bit carried away, didn't I? Guess, it was bottling up for a long time.

PS; I am so sorry Patrick died too. I don't care much about his dancing skills. Am just sad coz "The Beast" got sacked as he was in the lead role. It was such a good serial. It had a great first season.

Heathcliffs Girl said...

My office cab guy reminds me each time im leaving work to check fr d phne!this is why bein friends wt ofice cab guys help

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