Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Bloggers block? Hellyeah.

Either Life isn't interesting enough or I'm way too busy. Fortunately its the second one this time around. I cant imagine my life being uninteresting with the chaos that its always neatly ensconced in :D

Plenty things happening though, My (little?) brothers begun (the same) junior college (as me) and its induced major bouts of nostalgia. Do they serve the same naram sada dosa? Is the same Chinese Aunty (err, Catholic Aunty who served Chinese food during lunch) there? Did the Principal use the 'Even our dustbins are pretty' phrase during this years induction as well (he did for the 2 years we were attending). Is the same South Indian Math teacher still teaching? (The answer to this was derived from a short mimicry of her expanding the expression - (m+n)^2 = eyum esquaya plus yunn esquaya the WHOLE esquayaa) p.s. no offence intended at all, she was a sweetheart. and yes, she's still there)

Given that he's attending college and has now become image conscious, my brothers taken it upon himself to look as old and mature as possible. This he feels, is best accomplished by sporting a rough-hazy-puberty-ish moustache (?) and stubble (?) as well as a rough matty, uncombed (just out of bed, is it called?) look. My mother, on the other hand is horrified at this blatant disregard for hygiene and insists he shave it off and comb his hair. (More like tame his hair). He has (and I say this in the most affectionate of tones) a mane of sharp pointy angry gruff hair that have clung to his scalp so well that I'm positive his scalp receives little or no sunshine under the foliage. I stay out of this discourse as it is in my best interest to have both like me. Which basically means I agree with both, individually in the absence of the other.

Also, much progress seems to have been made on the *ahem* ladies front. What started off as a class full of shy adolescents, has now formed into over 50 facebook friends in a few days and the mega expansion of phone numbers. Since he's lost two phone's already, currently he's on penalty time and phone-less. He was relegated to sharing my mom's phone since the past few days. In an amusing turn of events, the names that were initially labelled completely and corectly have all been condensed into alphabets. Namrata is now N, Aditya is A and Aditi is Ai :D

I'm glad though, I always wanted my brother to be a charming young man and I'm pleased (as punch?!) to see him becoming a fine young man, youthful, naughty, witty and smart.

Speaking of Nostalgia, and age 16. Its amusing to see that whenever he's talking to a boy on the phone, its in a loud, boisterous fashion, whereas if its a girl, you can barely hear his voice even if your seated by his side. Reminiscent of my childhood calls when Akshay's used to be Akruti's, Rahuls used to be Radhika's and Sahil's - Sarikas or any other girls name closest to it, for the purpose of the call :D

He's also taken to wearing smart-Alec t-shirts with slogans on them like 'If found please return to bar' and 'Beer is where the home is' and other alcohol related wisecracks, gelling his hair and generally a heightened sense of appearance. What good does it do I keep thinking, when 10 years later, your going to realize how horrible you looked at that age. I have plenty boycut-shorts and floaters-braces on teeth photos that I cringe when I look at. There's one picture of me in a sweatshirt (Chicago Bulls baby), shorts, socks and Floaters. Arghh. Someones autographed it asking me whether i was feeling hot or cold :S omg. yikes.

Memories are like a breath of fresh air, they just engulf you with their refulgent glow, enthuse you with happy pasts and suffuse your aura with pleasing hues. My favorite 'pick-me-up'

(p.s Mumbaikars will be familiar with the full form of the title of the post)


hitch writer said...

College life... sigh... !!!

Utopia said...

FYJC indeed though I am not a Mumbaite. Was a Punerikar for 5 long years so kinda familiar with these terms. :-)

Aniket said...

Phirst things phirst. Always a pleasure to point out a mistake. (gives an evil grin)

You wrote the wrong expression:

eyum esquaya plus yunn esquaya the WHOLE esquayaa should not be (m+n)^2 but should be (m^2 + n^2)^2 :D :D :D

Tough customer, ain't I? :P

And I totally get the feeling. Whenever I meet a junie I holer a streak of similar questions at them. Though I was not as good with the ladies as your brother seems to be. :D I had my stubble and bad hair days. It was a bliss.

Once I had to explain to my granny for an hour that a tshirt is supposed to be torn and I baught it that way! While she kept insisting that I have been conned to buy a used defective t-shirt!!!

Aniket said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The knife said...

photographs from when one's sixteen... hope noone ever sees mine

ani_aset said...

hai kya keh diya tumne ye :)
miss all that :D
kya likha hai wah wah

Serendipity said...

Hi Hitch!!! LONG TIME! :)

Hi Utopia - are u a Fergusson-ite ?:D

HI Ani!! your right, Dammnit :D (i was hoping no one notices bleddy)and lol at the t shirt story! I went through that in my anti-fit rage when the pants I wore were bought from the boys section at Benetton and hence were HUGE! my dad used to say im orkign for BMC since they swept the floor :D

@The knife! Now, the obvious reply - SHOW!!

@Ani_aset- thank u sirjee :) hope your phone gets better soon!

eye-in-sty-in said...

what fun college can be... I cringe @ my pics too...!

Vinay said...

nicely written :) .. reminiscent of those days ..

Serendipity said...

@eisi! hellow :) Howccome you shifted to wordpress?

Hi V! thankee!

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