Friday, August 10, 2007

Stop growing up!!!!

Among a few things bugging me right now - last night on my very enthusiastic attempt to return-to-gym-regularly I saw a little boy working out. Getting all agitated over what a kid that small is doing his gym I went and asked him how old he is. Turns out he is 13. must be about four foot something tall and one of those extremely chubby boys whose cheeks you want to pull. This kid was doing weights, like an adult with gym gloves and what not. I actually went and told him he shouldn’t be working out and playing instead. And I got a very affected “im grown up now, and I need to lose weight and tone up” response.

What really bugged me was that kids today are entering all the spectra of life which should infact be occupied only by adults. A month ago there was an article in the paper speaking (very proudly) about a new beauty salon for kid’s aged up to 12/15 im not sure. This salon has posh facilities and does all the services a regular parlor would do - blow drying hair, streaking, wash, haircuts etc.

Just what we needed. Kids to start obsessing about straightening their hair and getting David Beckham hair cuts from age 6. As if Television hadn’t caused enough damage.

Also, you enter places like Polly Esther (which used to be my FAV Fri. night place cos they played retro) or RA or Red Light and its full of these 15-17 something year old girls and boys dressed like they’re 25 smoking and drinking. The advice I want to give them I wont mention here cos it would make me sound like a complete aunty. No offence to any aunties :)

As a kid I remember racing out of the house the minute I had any free time. TV according to me was a waste of time, not a luxury. Between school, sports and reading books I dint have time for much else. Fast forward to today - I have a sibling many years younger, and it worries me that kids as old as 6-8 years old have their own ipod’s in my building. Recently one girl threw her birthday party in the Eros Mini theatre. Her back presents were DVD’s. Seriously. They aren’t kids anymore - they’re little adults.
I hate that. I enjoyed being a kid well into my teens and still very proudly preserve large parts of it. Its some thing I told my brother - u have all your life to be an adult, but only these few years to be a kid! Don’t hasten the process.

The last straw came when we were at a family outing at the club, and I happen to love the swings there - always have. So I tell my brother well go sit and he looks at me incredulously and says “Tai, im not a kid anymore” like I had asked him the most absurd thing. My heart broke right there. A) for all the reasons ive listed above and B) I dint ever want my baby brother to grow up. He’s 14 now, and I insist on treating him like he’s 9. Now he’s begun to be ok with it only cos he get’s so many freebies. Poor me. :(

Anyway - to shift from the topic and since the venting is done with - I suffered a HUGE blow to my ego last night which I must put down here only so that the public acceptance/embarrassment will motivate me to set things right. Since a gap of 2 months at gym last night I had a horrible time getting through my workout - had to reduce reps and poundage and felt utterly disappointed. There was a time when people would envy my workout. Last night was horrible. And the weighing scale says +2. :( Result of my own actions no doubt.
So here it is - exactly 3 months from today, on the 10th of Nov is when I have to post back and I have to have gained what I think in my mind is my form and exceeded my previous workout limits. The “Else” part of this statement I can’t come up with.

Think last night and writing about it now is inspiration enough.


Herbertsdayz... said...

I Agree! But What must we do? I shoud in the streets 'STOP MC WORLD!' Give children education, and not 'the end of education!'

Just another Indian said...

sophistication ... .. urbanisation .... information explosion ... modernisation ... kills ... go back to the villages i say !!
i m not gonna raise my kids in a city ...

Abhishek said...

hehe.... tats good...Am settin myself a target its gymin regularly for me too :)

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

I agree with the rest of the post, but the 13 year old working out - there's nothing wrong there.
I remember that was the only time in my life that i would measure my biceps every single day, and shave a face that did noyt yet have a trace of hair on it.
puberty is boy thing - girls may not understand.

Serendipity said...

@ Herbertsdayz - True that. for kids today, education is what they watch on tv and in the envoirnment around them :(

@ Just another Indian - you've hit the nail on the head.

@ Abhishek - you want a motivation buddy? uve got it ;) I can be hitler when it comes to working out!!

@ TW - puberty is boy thing - girls may not understand.
:) LOL. maybe your right! Still, cute chubby innocent boys OR girls ought to remain that way for as long as possible. the worlds gonna dissappoint them sooner or later anyway.

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

13 yr old boy, and innocent.. who are we kidding!!
i mean it's been a long time since i was thirteen, and there are a couple of generations between the 13yr old and me, but I know what used to go on in my mind back then.
I am so much more innocent now, than i was then.

Serendipity said...

@ TW - my mistake! i have enough experience to know that a boy at any age = Anythign but innocent. Although i secretly hope my brother was the exception to the rule !Anyhow, its a scary thought, you being more innocent now :)