Monday, August 27, 2007

Notes to myself # 1

“I cant “Make my mark” for all time - those concepts are mutually exclusive. “Lasting effect” is in itself a self contradictory term. Meaning does not exist in the future and neither do I. Nothing I see will have meaning “ultimately”. Nothing will mean tomorrow what it meant today. Meaning changes with the context. My meaningfulness is here. Its enough that I am of some comfort to someone today. It’s enough that I make a difference now”. - Hugh Prather “Notes to myself”

A book I feel any one us could write. Its simple, yet complex. Each paragraph can get me thinking for days on end. This one for instance, Ive been thinking about since a while now

It answers so many things - referring to my “And now forever's come and gone” post… Its like that’s exactly what I was trying to say.. forever is contextual, conditional and finite. Infinity of mind and heart, love much more than a token.. understood yet unspoken. Poetic babble. After all, a poem/story on REAL life with its time bound love finite infinity wouldn’t really get you teary eyed would it?

I like the way it ends - “Its enough that i make a difference NOW”. Finite as the boundaries seem, contextual as the words maybe it’s the “Now” that’s forever. When I look at someone who used to be a BIG part of my life and see a stranger, I no longer yearn for what we had, the friendship we shared or for the same look in their eyes. Because that was Then, and this is NOW. Instead, I have in my mind a replay of my favorite memory with that person, or the one sentence they’ve said to me ill always remember, and a smile creeps up to my face. No ne can take that away! Someone (random article in paper) had once said that some thoughts seem limitless in the mind and when said out aloud, seem to shrink into triviality. i beg to differ, revisiting old memories filefoldered away in your mind makes them larger than life and what does shrink in fact the physical realm... the actual "now" cos it feels like "then" and a scale change of time - 1second of real time = an hour of past time in fact, does not in fact shrink thoughts! [Now all i need to do is get a hold of who wrote that and give him/her a piece of my mind :)]

No boundaries, time limits or contextuality will ever take that away. The vividness of some memories is enough to be “forever” in the true sense of the term. I can remember to alarming detail certain memories which I hold dear to me… I remember the time the place the look in the persons eye, the curve of the smile, the vulnerability of the face, the trace of the fingers.. things which have happened 3-4-5-7 years ago even. And I have a feeling always will.

So something’s forever - the memories, that dull ache in your heart and stomach when you see that so-close-yet-so so far person, that place in your mind which safely stores these memories to pull out when your missing someone, or just feel like your losing faith in “forever”. Look inside, go back in time, go to your favorite memory, your greatest hug, your favorite person, the one you cried for most, the one who made you laugh the most, the one you think you’ll always yearn for, the look in your grannies eyes when you leap into her lap, your first kiss, first dance in the rain, ( clearly, I could go on) and you’ll find forever. Right there.

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The Nomad said...

You've touched a chord there ... and I couldn't agree more.

You don't always have control on things and situations and people around you ... so what you CAN take from that, store it in your heart and make it yours - is 'forever' yours. So ya ... the memories.
And the laws of time don't hold true in this realm ... you can live a moment for days and wipe out days in a moment.
The joy and danger though is, like you said ... sometimes they are more real than reality itself.