Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The HOLY CRAP I'm going to be 30 soon moment

In a year. Yes, as I actually turn 29 this year, I'm focusing all my energy (as any normal person would do) on wheezing about the fact that next year I'm turning the big 30. When I was a kid, I always assumed life was downhill after 25 and although the last 3 years have easily been the best three of my life yet, I still harbor the notion of 30 = olydmoldy. I think what really bothers me about turning older, is the fact that age is a milestone that reminds you about how far you've come [ or not ]. 30 specially, is significant because it seems old and when you're younger, in school and college - 30 was monumentally old. It's that age when everyone has a family and kids and are discussing PTA meetings and what not. To be fair, almost all my friends are doing that currently. While I wouldn't exchange lives for the world, it does remind me that I had wanted the same thing most Indian girls want - a nice husband and a baby before 30 :) How funny it seems to even admit it now.

So, in order to not sit around lamenting the impending age - in usual Serendipity get up and go achieve stuff style, here is a WIP [ work in progress ] bucket list.

Things to do before I turn 30 [ ~Dec 2013], in no order of priority.

  • Learn Spanish
  • Bungee jump [ off a cliff / bridge - preferably not a mechanical structure but this isn't a dealbreaker ]
  • Learn Swing dance [ Status : classes in motion right now :) ]
  • Get a fun, short hair cut for old times sake. [ Most likely in Jan, after attending a slew of weddings in India]
  • Read the entire Mahabharata [ Status : reading it currently ]
  • Visit one new country / continent
  • Send Mom, Dad and bro to one fully paid, International trip.
  • Swim with the Dolphins
  • Go to a Formula 1 race [ Status : Nov 17/18 in Austin - tickets bought! ]
  • Do the superman ride at Six flags.
  • Weigh under 60 kilos [ Current status : 63 kgs ]
That's what I have right now, I'll update this list periodically as and when things occur to me. 


Aditya said...


Why would you put yourself such an unreasonable limit?

Be happy, do what makes you happy.

And you don't need to be less than 60 kg, just make sure your measurements are in a healthy ratio and that you aren't short of breath after climbing a couple of flights of stairs. As someone who went through a massive weight loss (go on, guess how much...) take it from me that it's the inches that matter and not the kilos. And there was no double entendre there.

Serendipity said...

whats the unreasonable limit?

Agree about the weight - I think Im just tired of always wanting to be '60 kilos' and having a perfectly great self impression as opposed to 'well, I like how I look now if only I had a kilo or two lesser Id feel perfect' thats where im coming from..

And the list is more a way of making sure I DO things which Ive been putting off since a while :)

Scarlett said...

I am 32 with no kids to worry about or PTA meetings to attend and I couldn't be happier! In fact, I never want to have to bother about kids & PTA meetings :-)

Turning 30 is fine. I hyperventilated about it too all through my 29th year but it came & went by and I felt no different after turning 30 than I did before. So chill :-)

PS: Do NOT get your hair cut short!!

Aditya said...

I'm with Scarlett - I turn 30 in Feb and apart from a LOT of ribbing I'm going to get, it's not going to be much different.

I know what you mean about the creating-a-list bit, but don't feel bad if you miss out on stuff as long as you did something worthwhile in their stead.

And stop with the 60 kilos obsession, that's an order! :)