Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Making chapattis, one shape at a time.

Yes, me.
My mom and maid are out of town and Im left at home with a 17 yr old brother and a dad. OH BOY. Bulls in a china shop is a better expression for how they are at managing their own chores. My dad does chip in his bit, by switching his (6.30 a.m) morning cup of tea with plain milk (phew) so I dont have to drag my half asleep self to make chai at unearthly times.

This does however enable my smartass-just-finding-his-sense-of-humour brother to come up with a few gems like "I wont do any of the girly stuff" (when I asked him to list how he will chip in with the work) by girly he of course meant cooking cleaning washing ironing. That effectively left me with the only logical manly thing I thought he'd do. eat. sleep. shit. (did this blog just turn PG13?)

There was also the "Fine. Ill do the kitchen stuff" When asked exactly WHAT he meant by that considering I am fully aware of his cooking prowess, he replied he'd make breakfast for us. It deserves an applause, certainly. UNLESS of course he serves us chocos and milk. Which he did. Which I had to un-serve and replace with chai, bread and egg. (Am I complaining already?).

To top it off, sunday evening I came home to find the two men in the kitchen, making chapattis (more like parathas). Obviously they were fat and burned and the kitchen window was closed which made the kitchen smoke up. The thought was all cute and captured on camera but 2 parathas down when I insisted on cooking myself and had to clean up their mess first, I realized they do me a favor by staying out of the kitchen. GAH.

I have new found respect for women who manage jobs, homes and men. I never realized how difficult it actually is. I am used to doing a lot of my own work, and am a bit of a monica in terms of ordering stuff, cleanliness and the like, but managing a house is a different ball game.

Here, my perfectly round, wonderful chapatis deserve a mention. Seasoned cooks like my mother took years to perfect the art of roti making - one which I have pursued relentlessly and now am perfect at. 3 points to me! Now if only the triangular parathas I was making wouldve turned out right. Ah well, one shape at a time.

And yes, this is a post after a really long time. Feel strange, having drifted away from your own blog. Although I have blog post conversations in my mind each day, they dont translate. But this is a step in the posting more often direction cause this is something I want to stubbornly hang onto. So hello again :)


ab$hake said...

Glad you are back... And how did ur chapatis turn up?

snow said...

haha i was wondering what the "one shape at a time" meant lol now i get it ;-) kudos at mastering the art of round chappatis! since i love cooking, i usually prefer everyone stay out of "my" kitchen when mum's not around.

it's almost the same scenario at our place when mum's out of town... dad who likes his tea at 5 am or early and a bro who helps enormously by staying out of the kitchen hehe

Smita said...

Some 5-6 yrs back my Mom had suffered a heart attack!!! I had rushed home!! Though I wanted to stay in the hospital I went home because I was expected to make lunch & send to the hospital!!!

Boy! I can not forget that day! I woke up, made breakfast, immediately after that I was onto lunch & simultaneously the clothes were being washed!! Once the lunch was sent & I had had lunch I was onto getting the clothes in & by that time it was time for evening tea & dinner!!! That was the day when I started appreciating & valuing what homemakers do!!!

It is no mean job I say hehehe!!!

And the toughest job in a case like yours is to take out help from men folks by not expecting them to help in kitchen ;-)

Scarlett said...

LOL...I can imagine you cooking. You're more likely just to order Pizza, pasta & mashed potatoes from Presto & cheesecakes for dessert :)

Try making square parathas next time. They're much easier.

BlueMist said...

one shape at one time...ha ha makes so much sense. I so agree manging house is different ball game altogether.
Glad you back. missed your posts lady.

Serendipity said...

HI Abs!! you shifted blogs! :) They were very nice thankgewverymujh. I am now fully domesticated since we met last.

@Snow - men. hmmpff :P
how u doing?? long time no speak :)

Hi Smitaa!! :) LOL yep its crazy though your day sounds just as nuts, did u manage ok? :)

Scarlett - woman, I made methi paratha for lunch on sunday and Presto SHUT down, Plus they wont deliver to my new home :(

Hi Blue Mist - :) im glad im back too. and im glad u missed me too!! :)

Piper .. said...

:):) Is your mom back? :)

Aniket said...

I love cooking. I usually cook food daily after returning from work. Its tiring but worth it.

If you come down to Powai, you must taste my Dal. :D

ani_aset said...

ellos :) welcome back..and now after reading this..i am glad my mommie dragged me to kitchen and ensured i learnt how to cook :) ..mycook is out

karmickids said...

What I learnt a long time back, pay through your nose for a good cook and a great maid and rest in peace...

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