Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Had a drink?

Then STAY AWAY FROM DRIVING. Drinking and driving, or for that matter even speaking on the cellphone and driving is criminal and irresponsible. Not only are you responsible to your fellow passenger and yourself, but hundreds of innocent people on the streets too. Want to drink and drive? Feel free to bang into a pole, wreck your own car and bones. You have NO right to alter someone else life, someone who had no fault but to be on the same street as the menace you were driving.

For rash language and the forthcoming judgmental post, I do not apologize.

The recent incident with Nooria Haveliwala, the 27 year old South Mumbaiite who mowed down 2 people and injured 5 after a night of partying has shaken me to no end. Not only is she someone who is a friends friend, she is also an example of accidents waiting to happen. She had over 450 mg of alcohol in her blood (Of course now she claims it benadryl/someone was following her) after a long night of fun, was driving home in her expensive car which made good its claims of life saving air bags since she doesn't have a scratch on her.

Others, unfortunately weren't as lucky. Two people - a constable on duty and a motorcyclist taking a breath analyser test (not drunk) were killed and 5 injured. Innocent bystanders to someones irresponsibility.

My Facebook status sayign I boycott drunk driving and drunk drivers created an uproar of sorts - some friends claiming they've gone 13 years drinking and driving and never having an accident. My keyword for all those using this line is : "YET". You've not had an accident YET. Are you waiting to have one to be proved wrong?

I was looking at pictures of this girl, from her now deleted facebook profile - regular partying and socializing pictures - the kind that even I have on my profile. She probably dint realize she'd be making front page one day did she? That's the thing with accidents - they don't forewarn you, and hence you have to try and behave within acceptable and responsible limits - whatever is within your control. Im tired of learning from expensive mistakes.

Mistakes when so many people lose their lives and then we sit up. Drunk driving, 26/11, religious violence. Do we really need such expensive incidents to be shaken out of our somnolence? If we as citizens are so lackadaisical in our attitude towards OUR OWN RESPONSIBILITIES, who are we to point fingers at politicians and the government? After all, India is a democracy, our leaders were once regular citizens like us.

I've said this before, and Ill say it again. Lets take our responsibility seriously first, and then point fingers. Lets spread the contagion of civic and moral responsibility - its not that hard. I'm sure as hell gonna try.

Margaret Meade once said "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has" and I truly believe her. Its time you did too.


Prianca said...

I did saw that female on the news channels yesterday...needless to say, i couldn't spot a sense of remorse on her face...she was more busy checking herself out and making sure she was looking alright in front of media...even when in judicial custody!!

I loved this post. Glad that somebody wrote about it, and no, your post is not judgmental. nice one

Amol said...

I think an accident while driving drunk should be treated as an assault with a deadly weapon, with murder or assault charges being applied. If you knowingly got behind the wheel when drunk, how do you call that an accident ?

The knife said...

I know that the stand that you have taken might make you seem dorky amongst your friends. But stick to it. Drinking and driving...or talking on the phone and driving are both criminal.

I remember my Dad not allowing us to talk to him when he drove years back in UK

Piper .. said...

I didnt know about it until now. And I`m as shocked as you are. This is something that I`m scared of too - drunk driving. Imagine getting killed for no fault of yours - just because some retarded moron decides to have a fun night!

Aditya said...

Can't disagree with a word you've written, S, but...

"My Facebook status sayign I boycott drunk driving and drunk drivers created an uproar of sorts - some friends claiming they've gone 13 years drinking and driving and never having an accident"

Wait, seriously?

There are people out there who will ADMIT that they have driven under the influence of alcohol?

I hope you gave them a piece of your mind. I certainly would have.

This is as disgusting as the incident in question.

The Bride said...

One of my really close friend died (on her 17th birthday) because she was in a car with a drunk driver. Ironically, the driver was fine and still has a licence! I swore after that I wouldn't drink and drive, though I did it once - when my designated driver got even drunker than me and I was stranded without a ride. I was terrified and drove at below 40. The sad thing is that it's only when this happens to someone close to you that you realise how dangerous it is. There is no cultural stigma against drinking and driving in India. The police being stricter about it does help though - I know a lot of people who are careful now just because they don't want the hassle with the cops.

ani_aset said...

serendipity how glad i am to see this post..and that someone atleast has come out to talk about it..drunk driving is a strict no no..i just wish people realise it soon enough

Serendipity said...

Hi Prianca - :) thank u for ur encouragement.. why cant i access your blog? hope your spreading the word too..

Hi Amol! its so nice to see u pop by intermittently!i agree with you 100%, in fact I dint think of it from that angle before.

@The knoife - yah dorky it was for some people who dont take life seriously. but i did get a few to concede to what i was saying and thats good enough. I wont let go of things like this, i feel too strongly for them.

Hi Piper - its so nice to see u - here and on your blog. I hope your doing well.

Hi Aditya! watsup! yep gave them a piece of my mind AND HOW.

@the bride- that sucks.. for the parents and family too.. i cant even imagine how it mustve been. its HIGH TIME people take these things seriously.

Hi Ani - me too me too. Spread the word, we CAN make a difference..

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eye-in-sty-in said...

agree.... and since the fines are few and easy to get by, one way would be to adopt a "frown campaign" where people dis-own drunk drivers from their social circle... and the media too highlights such drivers, even if they do not get into an accident.

Anonymous said...

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