Thursday, November 5, 2009

Unsaid but heard

Its like I can almost FEEL my blog glaring at me, angrily shunning typed words and loving caresses on the keyboards with arrogance. 'Check the number of drafts you have', I feel as though its saying back to me. 'I thought we were friends!'
Im here now, and thats what matters, Im saying. No?
'But Your the unquestioning, non judgemental part of my life!' I hear myself saying and then I do a double think. Is it really the case? Am I really in a place (or link) which is unquestioning and non judgemental? Am I putting myself out there for people I dont want to find out about me to know all about my life?
'You thought about changing the link, dint you?' My blog asks me, in disbelief. Im almost afraid to answer.

I don't know why Ive been away. Its not as though things have been tremendously bad, or gloriously blissful. They sort of evened themselves out. A great day, followed by a terrible one, followed by a mellowness of sorts. I still felt the need to keep to myself, to not give off myself and hang on tight to myself.

I have a bunch of questions to ask and things to say and thoughts to unload. To be continued...


Smita said...


So come back soon and make mend bridges with ur blog :)

The knife said...

If it helps I'd recently began reading a blog where the writer told me that her 'blogger friends' are always there to rally around when there are tough times

And yes there will be those who judge one too. But that's life

Abhishek said...

I can understand... I had similar thoughts a few months back and thats when I stopped blogging. But u shud continue...its always nice reading ur blog and then you got so many blogger friends here too... Dont stop...

And we have to catch up...long time...!!!

Mumbai Diva said...

write. It's a pleasure to read your posts. And I know what you mean. sometimes life seems too mundane to find interesting keypoints to talk about. tags help.

and the friendships formed are so satisfying.

perplexed said...

oh no please don't stop! Give it some time.. the ugly thoughts of changing the url might go away! :D

snow said...

since it's the only obvious thing to say, i'll say start writing, the words will flow... let me know what works for u, i'll try the same cuz my blog has also stopped talking to me lol

Serendipity said...

Hii Smita!! :) im doing that right-about-now!

Hi Knife! true that.

thanks Abs :D i dont like u thinking reading my blog means we're in touch. :P

@ Mumbai Diva - u made my day! :):)

Hi PPLXD! :) lol, i know im so attached to this url :(

Snow - no no!! we need to gt back into it! :)

Lavender said...

Love the way it is written :)

Serendipity said...

thanks L!

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