Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dear Serendipity of 10 years ago

Wo. 26 in a months time? That's huge! Thats the age you made fun of when you were 16, thinking its over the hill. Your right about that though, what follows 26 is'nt very pretty. 27-blabla-30!

Your doing ok though, your kind of taking the round-about route for everything. For instance, remember you wanted to take up journalism, and then changed your mind and thought Medicine was your true calling? You ended up taking Engineering instead after you realized you pretty much pass out at the sight of blood. You did deal with the compassion you wanted to channelise into medicine in a different way though, you'll see. After 4 rigorous and testing years, Your not working in an engineering related job though. Your too fiery to be holed up in an IT/Software job. The Archer (Saggitarian) instincts in you meant you somehow found your way into a stream which you did'nt know of until you took it up. But it does give you a rush, Presenting to an audience of Senior Professionals, knowing what your doing counts for something gives you that adrenaline rush you love.

Oh, btw, Abhi and you didn't work out. Neither did most people you thought would. I cant believe you thought everyone who dated one year and above were serious enough to get married. Were you that Naive? Of course you were! You wanted to 'save up' for your husband, thinking of words such as purity, virginity and steadfast love were reasons enough. Well, hang on you did. Not that it matters in today's world anyway.

You know that guy who you were introduced to, who you though was a nerd-bomber cause he'd be studying in the library all time in the 11th standard when the rest of the world was bunking and having fun? That guy you barely even said hi to, and who wore shorts with socks and floaters just like you and that's the only thing other than his dimple you noticed about him? He grew to be one of your bestest friends, the guy you almost married, and then the friend you miss. Life sure is strange.

Do you remember being every body's buddy, the 'cute' one, but never 'sexy', and secretly wishing sometimes, maybe sometimes its the other way round? Do you remember your baggy trousers, short boyish hair, careless attitude and gruff unpolished tomboyishness? That you thought you'll always be the 'boy' in the group, the one whose always slapped around on the back and challenged to a basketball game? That sometimes you wished you had long pretty hair and made a guys head turn as you walked into a room? I got news for you. Your hair grew out, and you lost weight and boy did you make some heads turn. It was like a makeover story gone right. Well, almost. You still guffaw and burst into peals of unconfined unabashed laughter when you feel like it and vociferously let your opinion be known. A Leopard cant change its spots?



hitch writer said...

Dont talk about birthday in one month and being 26 !!!!

sigh... I ll be 32 in one month !!!!

blech... that number with a 3 prefix... sounds so boring... really...


Do you remember being every body's buddy, the 'cute' one, but never 'sexy', and secretly wishing sometimes, maybe sometimes its the other way round?

I so wished something similar !!! u beautifully put it in words for me !

perplexed said...

I just turned 22 last week and somehow I can't wait to be 26 coz I see things falling into place then.. I will finally be earning.. for 2 years then but hopefully I would've payed off the loan and enjoying the money.. MY money... I can identify with so much in this post.. maybe 4 years later I will find myself naive too.

snow said...

loved this post, absolutely loved it. can relate to a lot of what you said... now that i look back n see a 15-yr old me, i'd never have guessed back then that i'd be where i am now... a very interesting post Seren!

Scarlett said...

What can I say? Welcome to 'over-the-hillness'? Hope it treats you right

Abhishek said...

This acc to me is the best post on your blog to date... I like the other ones...but this one is special... there have been countless times when I have heard a part of those stories of times and stuff... A leopard cant change its spots but it does leave a unique imprint behind for those who follow...

Kritika said...

Do you remember the time when you were 16 and you thought that when you are 25 everything would be sorted out.... the Boyfriend who'd become the husband after the stellar proposal, the perfect job, the perfect body, the perfect friends, the independence that you so much craved for.......

Love that you are back Serendepity.

And now when you are 26.... without the gazillion things you thought you would end up with... life sure seems great in retrospect. You and I share our birthdays within a few days from each other.... and like ive mentioned on ur blog.... its almost like my twins talking when u blog..

Just another Indian said...

great post!
check out mine too

Utopia said...

The story of our lives it seems. :-) You'll officially be on the wrong side of 25 come next month Serendipity.Welcome to the club.

Aniket said...

NOW you're back in the game. :D :D

Just till about an year back I used to see myself married and settled by 26. Now at 24 I know all the things I want to do before I can even think of marriage, they'll take at least 4 yrs.

I too resigned from my IT job btw. I'll still be a techie but in a small startup. Can't be tied down in those big firms. Too much politics and too much agony for my own good.

PS: At least you've had a few close ones to mention about love live. I was crazy mad about a my best friend for about 8 yrs. Now she and I are not even talking. So I've never even had a "proper" date yet. But I have little regrets about the choices I've made till now.

Lets see what the ghost of the xmas future holds for me. :)

Tensor said...

Perspective change. Right ?
If you could go back into the past and teach yourself anything, You will ?

Just another Indian said...

moving on is the game of life ...

live in the future ... past is a bygone and needs to be treated just as that...

have fun ... i am sure life starts at 26 and does not end

CrazyDiamond said...

ooo, i love. Very much.
nice post you leopard.

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