Monday, November 9, 2009

A Reality Check?

Was well overdue. I very excitedly exclaimed my new found poker and teen patti abilities on the facebook world, fueled by a recent winning spurt on Diwali day. 'Beginners luck shigginers luck' I told myself, 'you won by sheer talent woman'. Now a person like me dismissing beginners luck or any kind of luck is extremely justified given the strokes of (un)luckiness Im usually thick in the midst of. You know the person who waits in line for an hour to reach the ticket window and it shuts just when its her turn? Or the person who will make 7 trips to a government office, each time rejected for different missing documents, or the person who always plays Housie or cards and never wins? That's me!

[To be fair, I did win 5 bottles of citra in kids housie one time when i was 10, and another time i won a pair of plastic cockroaches for my rendition of a brilliant Hindi poem. (I thought they liked it?)] Heck, I was Memory game champ in Delhi and I STILL never won birthday party memory games - you know the one with the tray covered with 10 items and you have a minute to look at them and recollect? My all-Delhi champ status suffered a heavy bruising by these childish birthday party games. Its like Miss India losing in a Miss Lokhandwalla competition or something. [well, not exactly but you get my point.]

So, the point being that My initial assumption of acquisition of supreme poker playing skills were trashed (rather badly) when I cleaned out my first bank in a matter of 20 minutes. Clearly playing at 20 blind is an expensive affair with pots reaching the magnitude of 1500 rs in no time. I stared wistfully at my chips, long gone, and doing the rounds in other peoples kitty. Fortunately I lacked the courage of taking another bank immediately, choosing instead to be a spectator for the last two hours of the game. phew.

Must watch This video - Gus Hansen, known to be a reckless Poker player, and one of the highest poker pots in the history of the game. I feel ashamed missing my 500 bucks.


snow said...

now we talking B-) they say poker is best played when u play w/o emotions. makes sense too. good luck next time ;-)

Lavender said...

I used to love those memory games as a Kid!
Now let me make you feel bad my saying
I always won them :P

Serendipity said...

Thanks Snow!! I NEED it!

Hi Lavender :) your the kind of person Im mucho jealous of :)

Dusty Fog said...

grappling with reality. Of a life lost. Of things never being the same again. Of seeing that face in everybody. Of hearing that voice everywhere. Of seeing that smile, smelling her fragrance....searching, looking, hoping...and not coping....!!!

Serendipity said...

Dusty - I can imagine.. but your stronger than not cope.. comeon!!

Dusty Fog said...

Hey - In your city by the way. Going back this evening. Rushed hectic trip. Hope you are doing well. Stronger? I don't know. Maybe.

But it hurts like hell...:: )))

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