Thursday, July 2, 2009

What? Already!

On Monday night was J's 26th birthday. 26?? Since when did my friends start going over the hill! (Anything over 25 is on THAT side of life). As soon as I turn 26 this Dec, this shall be suitably altered to Anything above 30.... and so on. Also, under and over 25 year old jokes shall not be entertained.

J's a friend I know since 2nd grade, second oldest only to a certain boy who wanted to marry me in 1st grade. (Whose proposal I accepted of course, and since then he and only he had rights sit next to me in class, pack my bag and sacrifice the sweets and biscuits or any item of food that could be considered fancy to please the love of his life, namely me. This love story had an abrupt ending as my mom, having already given me benefit of doubt over the discovery of remnants of sweets and chocolates, none of which were given by her, for more than a few days, quizzed me about the source of aforementioned goodies. I bravely informed her of my decision and impending marriage and well, that was that. Being mature and sophisticated even at that age, I moved past a broken heart with laudable poise and assured him well always be friends.)

We celebrated with a fun grand party indoors - Lord praise Airconditioning and the indoor Bar area - Flamboyante @ Seven. GO!

It was when this song started playing and we ran to each other, screeching half way across the dance floor, hugged for a whole minute, it being the song we danced to, for a Teachers day performance in Nineteen Ninety freakin five 1995!!! That was my only dance performance till date and more so, the only one in which I, played a girl, having been always relegated to playing the male character in every performance. Ive been Jesus, Krishna, the male escort to a beauty queen, a male train commuter (who insisted on getting a moustache painted on for a genuine appearance), a wicked Qazi (Who forgot a section of her lines, which meant that the other characters dint get to say theirs, which meant a whole section of the pay was skipped ).

J being a typical girlie with longish hair was forced to stuff her hair into a hideous cap borrowed from a *ugh* boy, and I had to dig out the ONLY skirt I owned and find a pair of shoes that were not sneakers. The importance of make up being completely lost on me then, my opposition to the same was callously subdued and red goop spattered on my lips. Needless to say, a tomboy with hair as short as a boy + girly clothes and makeup = almost crossdresser appearance.

Come to think of it, it was after this 'performance' that I was always assigned speaking roles - Narrators, Main leads, but NONE close to dancing. All that genuine effort to display womanly grace gone to waste. Some people just aren't appreciated before they're long gone. Ah well, either ways, its the last time they got to see this boo-t-ay.

J and I were also together in the aformentioned wicked Qazi play together, where she was the farmer, and I was the wicked Qazi where my Prized genuine 'Hornets' t-shirt (Basketball = sport of choice) made its stage debut, and was coupled with an ankle sized (knee length to Mom) overcoat so as not to make the character appear too frivolrous. I was a cold-blooded treacherous oppresive Qazi who cheated innocents out of thir hard earned money after all. While there was no mistaking the cartoon tee under the black overcoat, Im sure the audience appreciated the efforts of getting into the skin of the character whilst interpreting him as a basketball enthusiast, thereby giving him an identity, through my sheer actors instinct. I think.

I have now come to terms with having been a kook most of my life. And so has she. She's still around, and so am I. And I hope we always will be.

The wicked Qazi and the hapless farmer remained best friends for the rest of time. The end.


The knife said...

The wiseness of age shows young sage, India Jones was a great reccomendation

Aditya said...

I must point out to the readers here that

"J's a friend I know since 2nd grade, second oldest only to a certain Adi who wanted to marry me in 1st grade."

does NOT refer to me. ;)

(Though one wishes one went to a co-ed school :( )

Never danced, rarely sung. But once silenced a crowd of 1200 by singing "We Three Kings of Orient Are" not very well....

Piper .. said...

:):) what a happy post! :) But Ahem! The song! What can I say..

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha... Great friends!!! But the Adi part of the post deserves a applause... Fell down laughing...

eye-in-sty-in said...

insane post!

Kamana said...


It reminds me of the time when during "Childrens Day" practise sessions, we would try and jiggy to "Main Khiladi Tu Anadi...." on the terrace of some building of the colony... the nervousness on the day brefore D Day, the excitement of D Day... the thrill of wearing make up.. (of course lukd like a zombie doped on X!)....nevertheless Daddy clicked away to glory... :) those times, those friends, the camaraderie... it just seems so far far away, existing in a time isolated dimension.
Now most of us stay in diff cities, are more bothered abt marraige and getting settled....

But uve written this so well.... it just makes me cry... thinkin what there was and what now isnt.

Serendipity said...

Thanks Knife! :)

@ Adi, dont lie. Just because I broke up with you then your denying it now?? (sniff)

also, I shifted to Mumbai after
1st grade and was in an all girls convent for the rest of schooling.
But im sure this proposal had nothign to do with that!

Hiiiee Piper!! there's a reason I linked it. saves me the embarassment at least from the few lazy ppl who wont click on the link. :D but seriously, the song is hilarious, and SO was our dance in hindsight! :D:D

Serendipity said...

HI Dontwalkalone!!! your back from your sabbatical! :)

Heyy Y! (EISI) lol!! :D where've u been!

Hey K :) Yep, Main Khiladi tu anari and 'Tu Cheez badi hai..' were hit fav dance performance tracks at the point!!!
And dont feel upset at whats gone, feel happy at what a great time you had!! :)

eye-in-sty-in said...

have been crazy busy!

ani_aset said...

"that was my only dance performance till date and more so, the only one in which I, played a girl,"
hehe, poor you. Enjoyed the post. Now what part do you get to play?

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