Thursday, July 9, 2009

Two Years and Writing...

We turned two yesterday. Happy birthday to us, Nomad!

2 years, one steady job, one massive heartbreak, 4 extra kgs, 2 lesser piercings, 5 inches of longer hair later, here I am. Im not sure if Im back at square one, or far from it. Im still in pursuit of that higher education, insistent on a top notch school, still not happy with that extra inch here and there, still hoping that the boy who holds my heart is the one, still hoping, still pursuing all these dreams that 2 years ago I thought I would be living now.

It feels like nothing's changed, yet so different Im speed dialing a few different people now, Im seated in and around colleagues none of who were around when I joined, Im living in a new home yet Im going old-homewards every weekend...

This blog is a part of me, piece by piece put together, sugarcoating the upsets and livening up the bright spots in my life... and Im glad Im still at it, two years and writing. Unlike most other hobbies that come and go, have sharp crests and troughs, this one has been relatively stable. I feel as though I went through so many things here, and got so much support during 26/11, the Indiahelps venture, the other random incosistansies of life.

I'd been meaning to do so since a long time... Nomad I love ya! For your support, love, warm hugs and enthusiasm for any and every plan. For coming over to my house this birthday, for the tears you cried for me, for the feeling that I can tell you anything at all and you wont judge me, for being fun and really really cute, for loving shopping and cheecakes and brownies as much as I do and for happening to me when I needed a bright spot in life. You happened at the right time, and I wish you were still at the same office so we could take off on impromptu friday evening plans and trade books for coffee. There are a few things I DONT like about you though and this is for all to know. Your a woman and married. You ought to have been a man and single. (hmmpf) You never take me on your vacations. (Double hmpff). You PERPETUALLY have guests over = lesser opportunities to meet. and last, You mean the world to me.


perplexed said...

happy 2nd birthday All that jazz! :) I have been reading you for over a year now and like I have already mentioned before, I think what you are doing with India Helps is a great deed and one that not many people can do. I am happy to know one person who is actively doing what she speaks and thinks :D

Serendipity said...

Thanks Perplexed :)

The knife said...

brownie cake from Theo :) waiting for more...congrats and happy birthday

Shanu said...

Wow..i know wat u mean.

Things arnd me have changed so much and yet my hopes, wishes and dreams are the same..and just like u..I wld have expected that by now atleast some of them wld have come true..but yet wen i see myself today..i realise nuthin much has changed..and it just makes me sad :(

P.S:I too wish my best frnd was a wld be perfect thn :)

snow said...

'appy buddday Seren-di-pity! :D :D i don't remember how and when i stumbled upon your blog, but glad that i did. some cheesecake brownies from me too :D {hugs}

Smita said...

Happy birthday :-) loved the way you expressed everything.

ani_aset said...

happy birthday..and cheers to a lovely friendship..i raise a toast :)

Piper .. said...

Happy bday, albeit a lil belated! :):) Thank god you`ve been writing consistently. I loveeeee to read you :) Hugs

Iya said...

happy blog birthday. life is all about the people we have in it, to share it with. Cheers to the wonderful friendship. and cheers to your writting!!

eye-in-sty-in said...

oye oye oye... where my slice of the b'day cake!

Congratulations :-)

Aditya said...

yeah yeah I know I'm late; but Happy Birthday anyway!

I've been lacking motivation to write these days, and life's not really been great. Only temporary, I assure thee. Should get back soon*.

*could be as long as a couple of months though, I have a thesis to submit!

Sumit said...

cheers!! :)
2 years is a long time. funny how things change around n suddenly we find ourselves caught in a funny time warp where we are in the present n yet we live in the past refusing to acknowledge time has flown by, we have moved on... its like clutching at sunlight. thankfully such warps last only a moment.

The Nomad said...

Happy B'day to us!

Ser, I'm so glad I happened to you too!Anytime would have been the perfect time anyway. And though I can't rectify the first one, the other two can be worked on :)

Me loves you. Lots.But then you know that. Big hug. Bigger mush.

hitchwriter said...

Happy birthday... !! I dont know how I missed this post... I only came through Nomad's post today !!!

from first to being last...

and how wonderfully expressed...

god bless !!!!

Aniket said...

Here's to many more... Cheers! :D

I am just 7 months old in the blogging world. :)

Still got much to learn. Yours is among the very few of the blogs that I read who do not write poetry/flash ficion. That's because there's something about your posts that cheers me up and gives me hope, always. The content always seems heartfelt.

Am glad you go by the name Serendipity or I would have never found you in the first place. A fortunate accident it surely is. :)

Serendipity said...

@ the knife - Sho thing! Im still waiting on you to have the dense chocolate loaf though :)

Hi Shanu!! lol, the grass is always grener. I 'had' a guy best friend too...

Thanks Snowie :) Me too mee too!! hugs back!

thanks Smita! Hope your doing good!

Serendipity said...

thanks Ani ! Cheers :)

Hi Piper! Ditto, love to read u too!! Hugs backk girl!

thanks Iya!!

@EISI - Your budday cake bees in my tummy :D

Hi Adi! What! No! :(

Hi Sumit - your right, thank god they dont last long..

Hi Nomie - MUAH!

Hey Ani - thanks, that made me feel quite special. :)

Utopia said...

Awww that was an adorable post I must say Serendipity. Oh so candid and refreshing. 2 years and definitely going somewhere I must say.

I could totally relate to some of those thoughts like "the boy part" and " insisting on the top notch school part" :-) Lots of luck and all dreams to come true.


Aniket said...

Oh and almost forgot to mention.

The post you wrote about "V" and things you said(wrote) there helped me make the toughest decision of my life yet. It didn't make the after burns any easier to handle but it helped justifying the the reason to myself. Am not sure am making a whole lot of sense right now. But there was one line you wrote (I can't seem to find that post btw), about as long as you don't lose the respect towards the other person. All other matters can be sorted out and you can look back to find a friend in them.

That struck a deep chord. So many thanks for that. Unintentionally you helped quite a lot. (As it is I don't take anyone's intentional advice. Stubborn, that's me :P)

So thank you!

Serendipity said...

Aniket, U made my day!

Rohini said...

Happy second :)

Just another Indian said...

so was that ur last post ??

AMIT said...

Oh nice shared about u two.

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Piper .. said...

heyyy where are you? long,long time...hope all`s well.

muthu said...

happy second B day... All that jazz....

U have always been a great blogger..

cheers... :)

Serendipity said...

Hi Piper!! yep, all good just spacing out a little bit!


Serendipity said...

Hi Piper!! yep, all good just spacing out a little bit!


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