Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Coincidences anyone?

IT RAINED YESTERDAY!! And I, as someone rightly put it.. was in the right place at the right time. No coincidences this time, NO SIREEE! I was MEANT to be out when it rained first, it was a deal we'd made. Oh Joy!! Ive waited waited waited for it to rain again, and was counting down until it did!

Standing in the awning of Pheonix mills, i could barely contain my excitement. This thrill spread from head to toe.. i wanted to run into the rain, get soaked, splash into puddles, hug someone, yell out loud, get wet, get dry, go mad, wash off the past, bring in the new and top it off with a swiss hot chocolate from Barista. (with whipped cream on the side)

Never mind that this morning the sky is clear as clear could be, the excitement built up in me will tide me over for the next few days at least. Or when it begins to fade, maybe god can send me a shower :)

Ive done it before.. again and again and again ... talk about how much I LOVE the rain!
Its a complete treat for a romantic like me. The clouds which spell gloom and lethargy for some, mean dreamy, ecstatic fun for me. I left a lot of things undone the last rains, (somewhich i know will remain undone, for those are FAR too dreamy), but im determined to-do the others this time around. So here's my checklist -

  • Sit at Marine Drive in the midst of a complete downpour, then walk down to Pizzeria and have a hot deep dish pizza.
  • Sit in the corner window of a bookstore while it pours outside with a nice cup of chaii. How i wish Chabar had a window view, for they have brilliant ginger chaa.
  • Drive down to Lonavla and back the same day. In all fairness, this was done the last time around too, but there are some things that just need to be repeated.
  • Go to water kingdom on a rainy day. yipeee! MUST DO
  • Spend all day getting wet, then get dry and have a nice cosy dinner with wine and fondue at Moshe.
  • Have breakfast at U.S. Club in the smallshed near the Golfers Shop
  • Drive around while it pours outside with a Caffe Caramello with whipped cream in my hand, and MUSIC (80's/ 90's english would be the cherry on the cake).
  • Go to Aksa beach in the evening, get drenched, and then Vertigo for a drink :)

Phew. :)


Anonymous said...

did I say your plans sound so so warm and tempting :P

Loved them all ...wish i could accompany you :(

Btw I have been to mushee dam in the rain and loved it.

I want to travel to mahableshwar during rains; I heard it looks awesome then. the clouds seem like so near that you can almost touch them. :-)

P.S : You are lucky enough that you can have this much whipped cream without botheration of those extra kgs. :D

Serendipity said...

Sunshine - you have an open invitation pending frm last yr!

U mean Bushee dam, at Lonavla.. the drive there is nice, but the place has become like a public bath :D

and who says i dont have to worry about extra kgs?!!! :D Its just that im too much of a foodie to resist.

Anonymous said...

Open invitation...oh yes I know ...Dont know when it will happen :-(

sorry abt the bhusee/mushee thing..Lol at the public bath :D

Aditya said...

I was there... driving through the rain. And since I live on one "arm" at the end of Marine Drive and had to go to the other arm - Mocambo's, for dinner :) - I drove all the way through the rain.


Anki said...

just copy pasted that to a frend in mumbai
u know so that wen i arrive on 13th
a fab weekend is planned out for me