Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wants, Needs and all the unnecesary accompanied reasons

I need shoes. Here are the top reasons why. (Let it be known that there are more, however in view of consumption of blogspace and saving of bullet points etc, I shall jot down only the most important ones).

  1. Because i have only 2 pairs of stilettos now and one of them is really old.
  2. I recently bought 2 really cute pairs of shorts and other than sneakers, have no other shoes that will GO.
  3. In the last 3 weeks, two pairs of work flats BROKE. and I got only 1 replacement.
  4. The stilettos at Nine west Called out to me
  5. Ive always wanted a pair of really cool to-die-for Puma's. And if a guy friend validates that a pair of shoes is nice, imagine HOW NICE they must actually be!
  6. I dreamt i owned the shoes in question
  7. They're not shoes, they're a whole new me.
  8. Because Rainy season's here and we ought to celebrate no?
  9. The Ash moved to Kol and I no longer have anyone who convinces me into buying shoes i dont need. I mean i need.
  10. Because ballet shoes look terrific on my feet. They told me.
  11. Im a shoes and bags person. Also watches, perfumes and clothes. Which indicates i should be buying these things in quantities more than the average woman else i would be defying the definition. I wouldnt want to defy the definition now would I?
  12. Its the 4th of June
  13. After looking at these I had sweet sweet dreams.
  14. My toes will be painted this weekend and deserve pretty shoes.

Good judgement and logic generally accompany most decisions. Hence i also made a list of why i should NOT BUY new shoes.

  1. I am slightly broke.
  2. errrr
Argghh. Why couldnt I have been born a guy. I would've owned a pair each of the following shoes in the following colours.

  1. Black work shoes
  2. Sneakers in Black, white or blue
  3. Chappals in a colour that doesnt matter cos theyre chappals.


Anonymous said...

LOL Now that you have got all the possible reason to buy those shoes; whats stopping you girl ? Go and have that dose of retail therepy :)

Jack Sparrow said...


(shakes head)

Serendipity said...

Sunshine - dint u see the LOONGG list of reasons holding me back? :)

Jack - hmppff

Anonymous said...

S, you can have another longer list of reasons for not holding back the decision...what say ? I am sure it is much easier ...:-)

Aditya said...

- Black Leather shoes
- Running shoes
- generic sneakers
- floaters
- house chappals (rarely used, not even at home)

That's all.


Scarlett said...

The Ash can convince you from even across the sub-continent to buy shoes you need AND don't need :DD

You need ATLEAST 5 more for every night of the week, 5 work flats (since 2 were obviously not enough), a couple of low heels for casual wear, 2 pairs of pumps/sneakers (incase one gets wet in the South Mumbai rains) & a pair of new doll shoes coz well...u just NEED doll shoes. That makes it what? 15? Easily do-able, girl! Get ur butt at it :)

Serendipity said...

Ad - its so much easier being a guy! men are lazy, uncouth, unkempt, and get away with it :D:D

Scarlett - Yep. I was looking at ballet shoes, and a pair of slingback wedge peeptoe pumps :)

Aditya said...

Guilty on only ONE of those three charges at all times, at two of those on occasion, my lady!

Jack Sparrow said...

Don't hmppff me. You know how I support these needs of yours.

Psyched said...


The knife said...

hey thanks for dropping in on my site.

Roughly the same inventory plus a pair of brown work shoes...wouldn't bother with more with my wive's shoes pouring out everywhere

@Scarlett: have you checked out the Chinese shoe shops and Sreeleathers...don't know if insight managers would go there as my memories of cal are based on frugal college days