Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Unbeatably beaten

With an INVINCIBLE name like the 'Mumbai Indians' i wonder how we are losing to EVERYONE we're playing with. I mean, really hats off to the genius who thought up that name.

Ah well, at least we're unbeaten at one thing - being beaten. In the last match against the Jaipur team who were (almost) in as bad a position as us I was hoping we could at least redeem that little shroud of self esteem we had. Of course, I was wrong.

The match however was fun. My family and I were laying bets on what our total score would be... I was of the opinion that we would be 100 all out which looked possible at the time. The score of 150+ exceeded my expectations fo sure.

Oh, another thing we ought to be proud (?) of... we got beaten by 10 WICKETS. 10 WHOLE WICKETS. It took only their openers (Gilchrist and VVS Laxman) to make our ENTIRE score. Did I mention in 11 overs? yeah, we got creamed.

If thats not enough, Mumbai is FULL of buses, hoarings, billboards etc with advertisements for the Mumbai Indians saying 'Jaao Mumbai, sabki bajao' (errr.... they ought to have explained to the team they meant SABKI bajao not SABSE BAJO).

Its a shame that Mumbai was the most expensive city that was bid upon, but has a team that looks more like its not even competing for the title and rather structured to give exposure to young under 19's. Like they're sending them for training or something.

Let me not even start on a certain overly aggresive bowler who cried like a fool on sunday. For all his zealous antics on the field while bowling, the sight of him holding his sleeve and sniffing like a little poodle has ruined it for me. I was actually getting fnd of the guy after the way he break danced on the Parachute Advansed ad.

So anyhoo, tonight its our turn to get creamed by the Kolkata Knight Riders. Jaao Mumbai Indians, Baj ke aao. (P.s this doesnt mean I'm not supporting them, im just wayy too disappointed to expect them to defeat the KKR's who right now, along with the Chennai Super kings look like THE team to beat)


Aditya said...

17 to win in 24, versus the KKR. Your "team to beat".

Have faith, miss :)

Serendipity said...

i know!! What a pleasant surprise!!

Its the law of averages, we had to win at some point after so many losses and vice versa for the KKR's!


Rach said...

We won.... beat that :P

am shocked than happy!!

Serendipity said...

Rach - That makes two of us!!

Psyched said...

yea....that was more of a pity win kinds...i'm sure everyone in both the teams got a raise from mr. money in the bank....

Psyched said...

yea....that was more of a pity win kinds...i'm sure everyone in both the teams got a raise from mr. money in the bank....

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

hey have a link wgere I can watch these games?
In an hour from now I'm going to be watching a redsox home game at the stands.!! :))

Farcenal said...

Supporting the Kingfisher Kings of Bangalore is worse. Trust me.

The ICL names on the whole, make me want to slap humanity and cry.

Cricket is this country's escape; win, lose or draw, people will pour themselves into it because that is where they find refuge.