Monday, April 28, 2008


Just spent some time today going through my archives... this blog will complete a year in June. I started off as a wide eyed, confused blogger. This was my vent for that void in my life i couldnt talk about, or people wouldnt understand. That place and person who wouldnt judge me, and just let me be. Weird and silly and fun and confused and sentimental and excited, sarcastic and withdrawn, out there but not so, crazy and opinionated.

Post after Post I would come back to the same feeling of wanting to belong, of complexities, of that one love ill never get over, of that one love im IN, of people and places and tiny things that really matter to me. Of yearnings and cravings and dull aches and entwined wires and what not.

Off late, an increasing number of people i know have stumbled on my blog, and i grew more and more aware of it. Posts came few and far between, and topics grew vague. There were times i would think of something I would want to pen down here, rethink, and finally discard.

I miss it. Talking about random bygone feelings and unrequitted love and that one person who will always be a big part of my life without being in it. So this is it, im going back to the start. :)

Im too wired up and live with too many feelings and heartache inside me to really pretend it isnt there. At any point of time, there's ALWAYS some stuff going on, and im always dealing with it. (I know everybody does, but this is my blog!).

Disclaimer - this wont turn into a hormonal, eerily sentimental blog i promise. :)