Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sun (Block???)

Have you ever read the back of any suncreen/sunblock bottle?

The one that speaks of SPF 60 and mattifying moisturising surefire foolproof 100% safe tested succesfully to block out 86% of the sunrays and prevent dark spots wrinkles tan and keep your face glowing your natural skin colour cos you should love the skin your in?

It doesnt work. Im almost merging into the shadows


Abhishek said...

hehe.. I was jus having a conv today with one of my frnds... It went to 24 C today here after a 4 mnth below 0C winter. Everyone was out having a tan. I find it amazing that ppl in our part of the country use so much of fairness cream to look fairer while ppl in west want to get a tan.. :)

Serendipity said...

its all about the grass. its greener err fairer on the other side!

Rach said...

Really true... they NEVER work... worse is, if u have an oily skin, like i do... they can mess ur skin for the whole of summer!!

Best option is use aloe vera gel.. works wonders... trust me! :D

and yea.... u really had me going bonkers wid ur description of Maldives... i wanna go too :( :P

Anonymous said...

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Aditya said...

everything okay with you, s?

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