Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy new year and all that

Ladies and Gentlemen, today i shall expound on the merits of long distance relationships.

  • There are NONE.

Moving on, Happy new year and all. Before anyone assumes i was at a rocking bash in keeping with the seemingly party chick image, i was not. I spent a nice quiet new years with my family watching fireworks from my window and generally chilling out in life.

Why anyone would want to venture out on a night no different from the others, pay 4 times as much to eat and drink the SAME (ok, maybe in a little more quantity), put yourself at risk for being groped and eve teased by drunk men is beyond me.

Me? i prefer it quiet. Friends and family, terrace/beach/farmhouse/house, food and drink and lots of cheer. Thats my ideal new year.

Anyhoo, so this new years begun already and i have no option but to swipe in and get going. (Was still in Aug-sept mode, am being force entered into 2008). I wonder how this one will go... watch this space!


"SunShine" said...

you bet. this is the best way to celebrate new year :-) The parites and all are sheer waste of time and money and plus you land up in mess !!
I am seriously not on cloud nine or something for 2008. Infact happy that things have not been changed !! :-)

"SunShine" said...

btw did not understand why you moved from LDR to new year :-)

LDR sucks !! big time :-(

Jack Sparrow said...

I concur on those merits. Or lack thereof.

Serendipity said...

@ SS- Hello there! someone's been on a vacation? :)

LDR to new years - well considering i couldnt think of a single good thing about it, i dint want to begin my first post of the new year sounding like a drip and moping. :)

@ Jack - your an expert, dont u have any ideas?

"SunShine" said...

Look whose is here. Good to see you back S
whenever I feel like turning away from blogging it is vacation for me ..:D :d well being a cooling period work had slowed down hence enjoyed that !!

P.S : I am yet to receive email from u . have u dropped the plan by any chance ? :P

Jack Sparrow said...

Ah, you're calling me out on my expertise ... Give me some time and I'll come up with something :)

Dusty Fog said...

hello there...long all well...have a great year ahead...!!!

Aditya said...

very much a South Mumbai-kar :)

My dad's reasonably tech-literate... when he wants to be. He still double-clicks links in webpages though :-/

Aditya said...

Ah, you may be a South Mumbaikar, but are you still in South Mumbai? :)

Nothing like it though... I don't get tired of it. Ever.

(PS: In the last month, I've eaten at Mocambo's, Leopold, Mondegar, Piccadilly, Gaylord's bakery and Chopsticks. This is how much I love it :) )

Aditya said...

precisely what I had! Well, I didn't know about its popularity but one of the two people I was with it rooted for it; and rightly so :) We also had some fried wantons which was a bad idea.

Another theo fan, huh? Tonnes of them around, I see :) Wish Basilico was slightly on the cheaper side though.