Thursday, May 3, 2012

Finding that something

Today was the second last day of my MBA. I honestly have NO idea how and where my two years have gone. This ending is turning out to be more bittersweet, turbulent and emotional than I thought it would be. After all, I'm 28 and "all grown up" now, right? I should be SO excited to start my life, get paid, have a normal life? Au contraire, I sit by my bed with a glass of wine, with a coldplay playlist on spotify, desperately trying to convince myself to write this paper when all I can do is think of everything that's fallen behind me and how much I dont want to move past this crossroad. A lot of people I care about will leave Austin and move to other places in the US for their jobs, I'll move into my new house- my first (long term) live-by-myself experience.

It's amazing that these melancholic feelings are clouding the excitement that my parents are coming here in 2 days AND the fact that I just booked my tickets for a Chicago-Boston-Bufalo-New York trip in June.

In my High Tech Marketing class our Professor left us with a lot of things to think about. I spent all day going back to his words, letting them swirl in my mind.

"Give your life to something you're passionate about : No one ever went to their grave thinking 'DAMN, I should've spent more time at the office"

"When you begin work, save up enough money to build a "FUCK YOU" fund. A years worth of pay. So that if ever, in your working life someone asks you to compromise on your principles, or go against your ethics you are not bound by the argument of 'I have a wife and Kids, I don't have a choice". We sent a lot of students from this institution, good people just like y'all to place called Enron. Today, they're all unemployable." 

"Find that one thing that makes you want to wake up everyday, and the one thing that makes you want to go home each night" 

"When you were undergrads, it was your employers responsibility to hone your skills. You're now at the very tip of the iceberg, the top 2% of the world which gets a top masters degree from a top school. What's your value proposition? Find one."

He showed us a picture of his family, a very lovely one and said those are his three reasons to go home each night, and thanked us for being the reason he wakes up each day. 


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