Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ball of Twine ...

If the world was going to end
and only one thing could be mine,
I would go around the bend
and buy a ball of twine...

A ball of twine is all I need to tie you to my dreams,
to tie the laughter, tie the tears and tie up all the screams

and tie up all the songs we heard and all the pretty tunes
and tie up your description of the moon on the sand dunes

tie up shampoo, tie up letters written during class
tie up being in line together for the season pass

tie up going home together though we lived so far
tie up rickshaws, tie up trains and not having a car

tie up chatting through the night, tie up the phone calls
tie up all the truth we had and tie up all the false

tie up lying in bed all day and tie up being nude
tie up watching tv taking turns to cook the food

tie up playing games and tie up leaving you a mark
tie up holding you when you were scared of the dark

tie up seventh, tie up six, tie up fifty five
tie up never dancing with you when you want to jive

tie up when the world conspired against the two of us
tie up being stuck in traffic in the AC bus

tie up 5 stars, tie up vada breakfast at satkar
tie up rum and coke and tie up singing and guitar

tie up how we prayed together when we went to bed
tie up everything we'd done and everything we'd said

tie up how you left me once and tie up getting back
tie up everything we had and everything we lack

tie up till eternity, tie up no matter what
tie up being happy, tie up sometimes being not

It may take forever or it may take a while
but i won't stop till i've tied up
every single smile

And when i'm done collecting us, this is what I'll do -
I'll label them "what could have been"
and send them home to you.

~Anon [ not me ]


aakash said...

bloody awesome...
the end blew me away !!
Me keeping this in the vault


Anonymous said...

A very nice choice of poem, simple but memorable and meaningful - plus I have to admit Im partial to poetry with some sense of rhyme and rhythm over free and rhyme-less verse!

Love the finale thoughts in it the most, really takes everything before to a whole other level.


eye-in-sty-in said...

:-) Howdy!

ahmedabadonnet said...