Monday, September 6, 2010

The one where Serendipity is getting killed.

It seems like I got here a month ago and school started just 3 weeks ago and midterms! MIDTERMS! Those exam like things in which you're expected to study and know your shite. Of course, I had to take it easy. I had to party every weekend, hang out, waste time making a million friends dig myself into a hole, and then, panic.
It's difficult being in an envoirnment as challenging as this. Every aspect of your being is put to test - emotional tenacity, physical endurance to 12 hour days with assignments coursework networking events, while eating out each day. This is my first major exam away from home - come to think of it, this is my first ANYTHING away from home. I know realze the calming influence of having mom hovreing around somewhere in the house, the chai that would magically appear periodically on my desk every once in a while, the food that would be healthy and oil free and to my liking right before my exams. In short, it was your average Indian parents doting on child syndrome.
Its a true test of my character fortitude if I can make it through this semester, unscathed by which I mean none of the follwing should happen to me - 1) Put on 1500 kilos 2) Lose 1500 kilos (or in hindsight thats not such a bad idea) 3) get a failing grade in any of these exams 4) lose all my hair in stress. Real peach of a mood right now right? Im running away from finance right now. Which is to say Ill blog, surf, walk, make chai, bathe and text message everybody in all parts of the US i can text (for free) until I have no choice BUT to open this godforsaken book.
Of course I also have the normally distributed grade curve working against me - my class is full of CPA's and Finance guys with an average of 6 years of work experience and 29 years of age, skewing the mean of the grades towards obscene levels. My pittance of 4 years experience and 26 year old mindset is just wondering what exactly Im contributing to this envoirnment except sarcastic facebook updates about how sad my fiannce and accounts situation is right now. Im counting on people from the liberal arts background (are there any in this class?!) to be equally (or more) flummoxed by these subjects else im'a be the tailender of this class. oh well.
Im hoping I read this blog post in a while (prefereably wednesday after the exams) and find it funny. I hope that isnt expecting too much :-/


Scarlett said...

People from a liberal arts background aren't likely to be doing an MBA, at least in the United States where going to b-school isn't the benchmark of success in life.

Having said that, calm down. You just need to spend a little more time w/ your books. If there are too many distractions at home, go to a library or coffee shop.

You'll be okay :)

Aditya said...

Bad News: It's not going to get better.

Good News: Dumber people than you - and there are tonnes of them - have emerged through with flying colours. I've no doubt you will, too.

Plus, as Calvin's dad says - it's good for your character :P

Possum Aloysius Jenkins said...

The joys of uni, how I miss those days. Trust me when I say, enjoy your time at uni. Having been working for almost 2 years, I would do anything to get back to the uni lifestyle with not a care in the world.

I always thought of assessments to be pointless in the sense that you have to regurgitate everything you studied for a whole semester in a matter of hours, a position that you will never be in real life. But I never had a choice and always had to commit to them but the mindset that got me through uni was having faith in me that I can get whatever I want. With this I found that despite everything uni threw at me, I always had the time to party ;)

ani_aset said...

you remind me of my first year at mba :P my class was full of CAs and Finance and accounting was all greek and latin to me ..but in the end it all works out well...dont you worry :)
moms are the best when it comes to taking care during exams :D..oh hell moms are always the best :D

snow said...

hello neighbour! :D you know you'll do fine. even good :P