Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wasabi? No Mujh

In a continuation of how old I'm beginning to feel, I spent half the day yesterday fretting over having to go out last night for a friends birthday and another friends return from the US of A, on a weekday no less. Fully aware of what time I will be getting home, this is what I back calculated many times through the day.

[7.45 a.m. (wake up time)] - [Time of getting home (a.m.) + 30 mins (Bath+Brush+Prayer+make bed) ] = VERRRYY late in the a.m. = Wayy too little sleep.

...And dealing with the repercussions of a late night mid-work week such as the Multiple Yawn syndrome, The Non concentrationlexia, Torpidity of movements and an overall mellow in usual gregarious self.

Although the night out itself wasn't as bad. We went here. Hugely terrific place, but as hard on the wallet. I have distant memories of having a diet coke here once for a princely sum of 350 Rupees (taxes inclusive Thank god). I would say a better option is to just shell out some more moolah and actually have a drink which is totally worth the hype (in terms of taste, presentation, originality and the experience), but this is advice Ive followed very conservatively. The Mojito, which is generally my drink of choice comes in a tall glass. And boy is it tall :\
Also, they serve free Wasabi peas and Insane Macadamia nuts from Tong garden which I'm confident, given the chance, I can single handedly polish each pea and each nut from each table (bar included), given the rate at which I munch these. Needless to say, the one other night I went here and they had run out, I was Ms. Grump-a-lot.

An example of how small the world is was demonstrated last night, which I naturally spent over half an hour screeching and exclaiming to half a dozen people around me. I got introduced to a friends friends friend (Yep, you read that right) and it turns out that her best friend is a girl from my team at work. The highlight of my morning today was recounting the unfolding of events and conversation that led to this discovery.

The only Damper (or not) of the night was that it rained, and I missed it. BAH.
Now I'm going back to wishing for it again, and wondering when Ill hit the sack.


muthu said...

hmhm.. yeah i too love the rain....

and hey keep the randomness flowing..

I enjoy readin em.. :):)

snow said...

sounds like a fun weekday night out (never mind the day n night side by side lol) ;-)

Aniket said...

Somebody is living a full life... :)

Though tempting as it may sound, I'll refrain from wishing to trade places, for the moment. :D

eye-in-sty-in said...


Piper .. said...

Hey Friend, long long time.. How`ve you been? Shall go through the archives to know what`s on at your end. For now, just dropped in to say hello and that I`m back.

Mumbai Diva said...

apparently, on new years, i kept repeatedly complaining to people at the house party i was at, that my mojito had no mint in it. all hearsay. i have no memories.

Serendipity said...

Thanks Muthu!!

@ Snow - hehe!!

Hi Ani - but whyiiee? :D

EISI - how mature :P

Hi Piper!! Hope youve been gettign my mails... it is SO good to have you back.

@ Mumbai Diva - LOLL!!! do we need to discuss why u dont remember this? :D

The Big Bad Wolf said...

uh you spend time praying?

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