Friday, October 3, 2008

We're easy to ge along with ... once men just learn to worship us :)

The problem about most blog posts is - how do I start?! The general content of the post is known since it would be about a recent conversation, the weekend revelry or the likes. lol.

Offlate, for some reason, Ive landed up having the unanswerable question type conversation - 'What do woman want?!'. A lot of perplexed (male) friends are at their wits end since they've tried every trick in the book - been every kind of guy. Mr Naughty but nice, Mr Sweet but not so sweet, Mr sickly goodygoody, Mr never-fallin-love playerboy, Mr calculated moves, Mr commitment phobic, Mr lets-get-married, Mr anyone-will-do, Mr Ill-be-nice-to-get-into-your-pants, Mr Im-confused-about-my-feelings, ETC. You get my drift, Im sure.

So what do we want anyway? Half the world seems to be obsessed with the question. Its not that difficult, really.

First of all, its not a game, women are not dolls and if she likes you, its not checkmate, or a homerun. Women dont want guys who are 'playing' them, and calculating every move. Who we're more likely to fall in love with are men who simply fall head over heels with us, with no logic and reasoning whatsoever. This isnt something you can practice - so dont try.

Its in the little things - blowing on coffee and making it cooler, a flirtatious little smile or wink here and there, having that look in your eye, remembering what we like to eat, our favorite colour, insisting on paying sometimes... Since im not going in order of importance, one critical piece of information - Each woman wants to feel sexy, and beautiful to someone. No matter if shes ugly, short, fat, pimpled, too tall, too fair, she wants to feel pretty. Women of all ages, take a look in the mirror before they leave, powder their nose, put on that little makeup, wait in anticipation for that one tiny compliment from that special someone... its one of those things. Of course, not to mistake this by thinking 'All women dress up for men', because they DONT. The ones that have a boyfriend, husband, etc (err) DO (secretly or not). Then there are ones that wont admit it. But in the end, if shes looking pretty, TELL her! Men simply go wrong in calculating too much - every move, every sms.

A certain vulnerablity in unplanned feelings is endearing. Most of them also wait for the woman of their dreams, and often the one theyll never get over to move on to another guy before they realize ' shit i love her'.

We like the man BEING the man - insist on footing the bill sometimes (3 out of 5 would be a good ratio), buy an occasional flower, be well turned out and snappy when taking us out to dinner. Women LOVE men who take care of their physique, and pay a little extra attention to detail like - smelling great, wearing good footwear, neatly ironed clothes (I know this sounds like a lot to ask for from MOST men) But there are certain exceptions :) and im sure at least one reading this knows who he is.

More than what an average joe can accomplish has been put down here, so lets try slowly, one at a time. And then maybe we women can live happily ever after.


The knife said...

you mean to say - do all this and women will be putty? I doubt it? Some mysteries are best left unsloved

Nirav said...

Heh! There you go, fooling the poor, naive men again :-) You show them a false sparkle of hope so that they fall straight into the trap!

The problem is that all women have the image of a 'perfect' knight-in-shining-armour. That knight is like the synthesis of all the good qualities handpicked from a sample of 10,000 men - and they will want their guy to be exactly like that (which is obviously impossible).

Also, what men dont realize is that the women want their guy to be all of what you mentioned - Mr. naughty-but-nice, Mr. sweet-but-not-sweet, etc etc... but according to their own convenience - and it's impossible for any man to guess which type the woman wants him to be at any point of time!

So, net-net, men should just give up on trying to figure out an answer to the question. And ya, before you jump at me - this is just in good humour :-)

Serendipity said...

@ The knife - lol! amen.

@ Nirav - hmmpff :)

pj said...

hey! superb post!:D
i like it!its awesome!I hope men read this post and learn something!!!

really nicely written:):)


Quiz_Master said...

True to your nick, I was expecting something else and found something totally different...

As the guys allready said, "Its impossible to know what girls actually want..." It always depends on their mood... hehe
You listed every kind of boys here...Mr Naughty,Mr Sweet, Mr sickly goodygoody,Mr never-fallin-love playerboy. But can you make same listing for girls? I bet you can't...

Then there are girls who want boys te be exactly 'as they dream of'. Now if a guy genuinely interested in a girl, but he does not match the girl's idea of 'perfect', who's fault is that? Of 'god' for not creating the boy 'perfect' for that specific girl...?

If a boy cares too much for a girl - He is being overprotective.
If guy is giving too much gifts - he is feeling insecure.
If a guy falls head over heel for a girl - he is being "lattu".

Understanding gals - tough...way tough. And boys can't even say that we don't wan't to understand girls.. :p (even if they say it, they don't mean it)

Offtopic: You blog is funnu.. hehe.. I was reading it last night 2:00 AM on my lappy downstairs and and laughing so hard.. mum thought m gone insane.. hehe

Serendipity said...

@ Pj and QM - thankee :)

Sam said...

Good one.

Farcenal said...

Women aren't the ones who have to do the "asking out", are they?

So shush. It's not easy.

NomadicMusings said...

Nice one...

My god, reading some of the comments mad me feel that men will never get over their insecurities of not being close to perfect !

Dusty Fog said...

long time since i have been here, and i see you seem to have gathered a whole new fan following...where's Jack?!!! That was one name who comment I was hoping to see against this post....: )
By the way, no matter what, it just won't work. The girl has to like the guy, and he becomes perfect. A woman makes the man perfect simply by being nuts about him, and vice versa..: )
Would be nice to see your name in the mailbox once in a while...!!!