Thursday, July 31, 2008

I cannot be resigned to an occurence, event or state of being.
I cannot not have Butterflies in my stomach
I cannot align myself to forces of nature other than the ones I choose.
I cannot stand a calm unruffled serene existence (although i would crave one)
I cannot not be fiercely determined to want all my 'things'**
I can only be foolishly in tune with that little voice inside my head that will revolt against the sensiblest of ideas, and walk into complete disarray, defying all odds.
I can only be strong enough to deal with whatever the hells thrown at me
I can only be unnervingly independent cause in the end, its just me.

And I can know all the above and know that Ill be ok. Either which ways.


Aditya said...

as it should be.

Stay strong, girl.

Abhishek said...


And in the end...its always you...always!

Rach said...

yes... i know what u mean!

Stay as u are... :)

The Big Bad Wolf said...

Take care little one.

Theres no night yet so dark that does not turn to day in the brightness of your smile.