Sunday, November 4, 2007

When God made man, she was only kidding.

Being a woman sure is tough. For the (few) men that do actually read this blog, here's a fair warning. Serendipity is currently suffering from Monday morning blues (although its only sunday evening), and is under the mellowing effect of having watched the season 2 finale of Grey's Anatomy, with lingering thoughts of Dr. Mc. dreamy. In case you're still reading, don't blame me later.

How can one show have so many Mc. Yummies in one go! For anyone whose not watched it, Patrick Dempsey is Dr. Mc dreamy. and Mc. dreamy he is. it is shows and movies like this that make us poor women fall in love with the idea of love and prince charming and what not. and then life shows us the clear difference between reel life and real life. i won't launch into that one now :)

I heard some quotable person mention that most womens problems can be solved by a nice pair of shoes, or a nice bag. I would like to shake the hand of this genius, and i also attest to the statement. Shopping has many therapeutic properties so if you feel your girlfriend, or wife, or mom is acting (more) neurotic or (more) hormonal than normal, then take her shopping! That money spent will reap you great rewards my friend.

Here are a few things that need to be understood about women.
  • There are times that we're feeling moody just because. (Its the estrogen i tell ya)
  • The next few bullet points are dedicated to shoes. Because they are a very important part of our lives.
  • Different shoes go with different clothes. that's why we NEED so many. for e.g. to help the (poor?) men who never seem to get the (simple) logic, stilettos (shoes with pointy pencil heels that y'all love) go beautifully with most things. hence every woman needs to own at least one pair. ( i mean two, one black and one any colour of her choice)
  • Flats look terrible with formal black pants, but needed for everyday wear. Sneakers for running, Pumps/Strappy shoes for skirts and block heels for when you want to wear heels, but don;t want to wear stilettos.
  • Of course you need different shoes with Indian wear.
  • (Phew i hope that helped at least a little). coming back to other important aspects of our lives.
  • No matter how many clothes we have, we'll always need more. (errr.. or want)
  • YOU get manicures, pedicures, haircuts, waxes, threading, facials, bleaches, exfoliation dehydration, moisturization, detoxification and many other such (unnecessary evils) done to your body and tell us how you'd feel. Before some wise-ass leaves me a comment saying this is completely voluntary and not enforced it is due to some jerks that most women have complexes that make them feel not-so-beautiful which is why we resort to such external tactics (beautiful is more than skin deep and all) in the first place. If your girlfriend has a forehead that marks the confluence of her hairline and eyebrows and did nothing about it, please tell me you'd still dote on her. (yes. i believe u)
  • We secretly love Mc. dreamy's so you ought to know what your up against. every woman wants a Prince Charming. and while your not expected to be your nicest best at all times. we would like some thoughful moments out of you, when you're not acting like a jerk, picking a fight with us or just acting completely clueless in life.
  • If you want to buy us something, buy it. Dont ask. we'll say no but we mean yes. This does not apply to questions like "why don't u do the dishes tonight" etc.
  • Understand that estrogen is an excrutiatingly difficult hormone to have so much of. Unlike testosterone, its makes you think of things other than sports, sex or food. It makes us cranky and horrid when its that time of the month, or not that time, it releases compulsive shopping disorders, random outbursts of joy or equally uncalled reasons for grief.
  • Its well known that through all this neurotic, wiry behaviour we still manage to go to work, help out at home, be nice to people and put up with all their ridiculous behaviour, deal with all that (damn) estrogen and still manage to make it through our lives.

Disclaimer - Any characters and pronouns used in this post are purely fictional. No offence is mean to (most) people. So in case i do know you in real life, don't come pelt me. Its the Estrogen.


Abhishek said...

I support Women Liberation!!!! :P...And when GOD did make man, I guess it was also the ESTROGEN!!! :P

Jack Sparrow said...

Geez, you women need to stop watching Grey's Anatomy. I mean c'mon ! :)

Also, the information that you provide is very valuable. Please continue to provide such information to help us clueless men understand the enigma that is a woman.

P.S. - All corrections made!

Serendipity said...

@ Abhishek - she was giving us somethign to amuse us with lol. Nah, now im kidding :)

@ Jack - Lol. Will see about the extra information. dont want to divulge too mnay secrets else i may be on the hitlest of some Wrodlwide womens organisation. :)

Scarlett said...

More power to you! U have no idea how relieved I felt after reading ur "neurotic" :) Like all that estrogen-ic tension just flowed out of me!

Serendipity said...

Scarlett - Link this one, and write all those (irr) rational explanations we discussed yesterday! :)

Dusty Fog said...


p.s : a thought. Estrogen makes women think and feel a certain way, and MEN have to willingly bear with it,as has been quite clearly pointed out. As you have mentioned yourself, testestrone makes men think of certain things purely. Will then the MEN be understood and accomodated by the WOMEN under the same circumstances?!!

Serendipity said...

Hi Dusty! Are you saying women are NOT accomodating? (Choose your words wisely my friend) :)

Just another Indian said...

no comments!!

The Nomadic Mind said...

ur list does not include (m sure by mistake :))) the following: (however; I m still wondering how can a woman make mistake!!! oh ya...estrogen:))

1. Women like Compliments (solicited/unsolicited,fake/genuine timely/ untimely or in whatever form:))

2. They like Flowers - in whatever weird color and shape they may come...

3. They like contradictions - something like this - u r so caring...the very next moment- u have bcum so possesive:)or may be like this - u r the best thing that has happened to me...and few moments later - give me a break:))

nevertheless we (GUYZ) respect them for what they are coz we know they cant b better:))) jokez apart women are in a way (which only few guyz would understand) better than most of us:))...n thnx 4 ur comment on my blog...

Farcenal said...

hahahaha nice

Polarity knows no greater example than gender =D

As someone said though, "Men are from Mars....Women are also from Mars, just another part".


And so is the guy who said that.

Keep it up, great blog.

Crimson Feet said...

lol... good stuff!... chanced on your blog through the "other serendipity" :)

...and your first line, to me, read like - "Being a woman, 'sure' is tough."