Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Experience is the name every one gives to their mistakes"

Now this is what a great film is all about. Stealing you away from yourself, filling your mind with delicious poetry and leaving you with a half nostalgic half melancholy tingle. Making you come home and linger. Zindagi na mile dobara turned out to be the fantastic film I dint expect it to be.

After reading RAVE reviews about Delhi Belly i was sorely disappointed with inane jokes, misplaced humor and juvenile shit related innuendos. God save Bollywood if this was the future. Which explains my apprehension for ZNMD. I was so, so wrong.

Zindagi.. is a film which takes three friends on a trip, only to find themselves, and face their greatest fears. Its an ambitious movie at that - I wonder if Zoya wanted us to leave the theatre thinking about our own unfulfilled destinies, unanswered questions and about the what could have been's. The poetry threading the movie along, neatly weaving a web around silences, and injecting meaning in pregnant pauses did exactly what it was meant to - create a song of melancholy around the frames, adding the rhythmn to voices and thoughts and intertwining them in soulful words.

How many of us have courage to face our own fears I wonder? I vascillate between a realist and an escapist often. There are times when I'm forthright about what Im facing and wishing I oculd avoid, and there have been times when I've blocked out something from my mind- and even from those of my friends, neatly concealing thoughts and flutters in my heartbeat lest they let out a clue, methodically leaving out traces of it from even this blog. And then again, one fine day ill lay my heart bare. Between the what is, what could have been and what I really want, my mind sometimes is a mishmash of wishes and wants, of longs and desires, of moments hidden away unlocked time and again, of a secret memory beknowest only to me and the other keeper, of parallel futures and alternate endings. I've made a LOT of mistakes along the way and sometimes my greatest fear is the one thing I've lived my life by - being true to myself. The fine line between being true to yourself and being fooled by your own thoughts, your own being drifting to the outside of you, urging you to do something radical - call off a wedding, move countries, break up with someone.. what if the true inner self is just a big joke? a mockery of rationale? a cruel incarnation of a reason to justify your actions? What if?


anounceofeternity said...

Dear All That Jazz,

I am undergoing a mental/emotional dilemma,and even though I conceal the sadness with the plastic smile and the further plastic conversations,the question WHAT if is quite a haunting one.

It is a very well executed write-up.Count me a fan.=).

Much love.

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Dear Serendipity,

I disagree with you. The True Inner Self can never be a joke. You are what you are. Joke is on them who tries to be someone else just because thats the right thing to do. And why should we lead a life we are not happy about?? Yes, compromises and adjustments will be there, but those should not be the excuse for avoiding and dealing with our emotional baggage.
Yes, its scary when you are on your own and fight for your happiness, but its liberating too..because this time there is something worth fighting for -you.

Just another Indian said...

ok movie .. targeted towards prospective spain goers, multiplex audience and NRIs ... Hrithik hams as ever ..
watch Singham .. awesome

Utopia said...

I don't live in denial but sometimes it is just not possible to follow your dreams and do exactly what you want. Having said that what a wrteched life it would be if we didn't go out there do what we have dreamt of doing forever.

Unknown said...

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Zeba said...

Thought provoking. Why have you stopped posting?