Monday, December 28, 2009

The end and a new Beginning.

2 lost cellphones. one exams. one new niece. 4 more kilos. one pair of killer strappy black heels.
one more birthday. one almost wedding.3 terrorists. one aniversary. moving homes. brother beginning junior college. two haircuts. a million bruises and scrapes. one new watch. two exams. 3 more inches of hair. one boyfriend. 3 married friends. 2 pregnant ones. photo in paper. the beginning of Indiahelps. my first 'own' saree. 3 injections, a million spasmobars. one friend lost forever. Learning. Yearning. Earning. one dance class. 9 months in the new home. wasted gym membership. one dent 0n car. a million hours of studying, another million applying. 8 new books. my first stocks. one painful wart treatment. one bad fight. one sorry.

2010 here I come. I hope its happy. For all of us.


Smita said...

Wish you a happy new year !!!

And I loved this super quick recap ;-)

P.S. Did I eve tell you that I saw your snap??

Anonymous said...

I hope so too. Happy New year! Have a good one girl! :)

hitch writer said...

Happy New year to you too in advance... !!!!

may you not lose anything this year and gain everything except Weight ! ;) !!!!!!

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Was that your life in 2009 in bullet points?
I am sure there be lot more beyond that..
Happy New Year! =)

Aniket said...

Well "Eventful" is what comes to my mind to describe 2009 for you. Hope 2010 comes with a lot more.

However, I pray and predict that the world comes to its doom in 2010 instead of 2012. Why should mayans have all the fun, right?

Just another Indian said...

hope u have a lot more than this to write about in 2010...

happy new year !!

Aroj said...

Happy New Year! Yes, heres hoping 2010 will be a lot better for all of us..

Ashwin said...

you get a haircut once in 6 months???