Wednesday, October 7, 2009

All you need

.....To cheer up sometimes is Chaai, cheesecake and an old friend.


Just another Indian said...

what is all the other stuff ?? said...

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Ashwin said...


Anonymous said...

me wants toooooo

Serendipity said...

@ jUST ANOTHER INDIAN - there's a cup of coffee, a chocolate cupcake, a double chocolate mini cupacake, a small tiny jelly tart, a mini cookie and my chaai! phew!

@Ashwin - me too!!! :D go to candies ..u stay right there!

@HItch! lemme know whn u make a trip to Mumbai!

Roy said...

looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

That table's so familiar. Wait, it's that blessed candies, isn't it? The one you had us huffing and puffing over and never turned up?

The knife said...

you were at candies :)

perplexed said...

ohh..yummmy!!.. I am hungry now!! damn! :P

snow said...

why why why is everyone talking about cakes today :S

Aniket said...

The table sure looks like the one in candies. I love the sandwitches there. If only I had a chick friend to tag along. sigh...

I might just go there this saturday. :P

Utopia said...

I like cheese cake. yummmyyyyy!!!!!!

Pins N Ashes said...

I want a chocolate cupcake, a double chocolate mini cupacake and coffee for me please....chai strictly nono for me....slurrrp

ani_aset said...

i need one abhi :)

muthu said...

now that's crisply put.. :)

Aroj said...

nah..wheres ur wake up sid post? :-)

AG said...

well said !!
im gonaa get some cheese cake right now :P

AG said...

well said !!
im gonaa get some cheese cake right now :P

Lavender said...

CANDIES! haha Gawd I love that place :D

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