Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am what I am. And what I am, is careless.

After years of walking repeatedly into furniture, doors, tripping on flat surfaces, losing and misplacing things, having various other atrocities happen to hands and feet, I have come to the (un)happy conclusion that I am careless. This after a whole lot of denial and 'that was a phase', 'that was an accident', 'this wasnt my fault' and so on.

I (think) I have lost my swipe card today. (the access card for work). This comes close on the heels of me having lost my debit card 3 weeks ago. It was my good fortune that the person who found it was either an honest person who did not use it, or a foolish person who did not know how to use it. What worried me was the realization of the lost card came a whole 3-4 days after the last time I used it. (Of course, there was a reason - there always is. New wallet, money section separate from card section, cant see cards each ime i open hence didnt notice it).

That said, I got a lot of flak from people at work over my carelessness, some of which I deserved. I prided myself over being a fairly responsible person (when it comes to important things), but this is just questioning my belief . Major upheaval of one self is in order no?

One of my most famous moves is tripping on flat land. Its a patent. There is also a testimonial on orkut imploring to enrich the quality of my life by at least making an effort to tryyy not to walk into things, or have them run into me. :) But, then I was sent only like this. Defective, prone to mishaps, careless, restless blush monster.

Still still still, I cant go around losing my debit cards and swipe cards and other such important cards around like its part of my natural disposition to do so. (it is, btw). But this is a vow. a very solemn one that Im going to give this responsible, organised, documented person bit a very good shot. And this starts now. Cause one of my other great strengths is procastination. But that's another story :)


Anonymous said...

I would not blame you somehow these plastic cards and accesses cards are loss-prone :D
but yes being careful is good ..especially with credit card and stuff like that !! procrastination yeah it is indeed another story

Nirav said...

A friend of mine who had the exact same tendencies always used to say that she was probably meant to be born in the mountains and that's why she could not 'figure out' plain terrain.

I used to tell her that this kind of imbalance results from watching too many chick flicks (or reading too much Mills and Boons) and then day-dreaming about being a chick in one of these chick-flicks :-)

Does this apply to you too?

Jack Sparrow said...

Wow. I have to see how this one pans out :)

Go for it !

The Nomad said...

Check with people around you. When I used to sit at the workstation where you do now, a friend and I hid BBW's access card after he left it around a few times, then we exhorted a (small) sum of money from him to return it and ordered Jai Hind lunch with the loot! :D

perplexed said...

well..if it makes u feel any better at all...

u r not alone!! ;)

Dusty Fog said...

from the 4th until now, has the vow managed to stay intact?!!!

The knife said...

i wonder what's worse losing one's phone which my wife did last night or cards...and noone seems to return anything these days