Thursday, October 18, 2007

Moonwalking on the pier

Welcome to where time stands still
No one leaves and no one will
Moon is full, never seems to change
Just labeled mentally deranged
Dream the same thing every night
I see our freedom in my sight
No locked doors, no windows barred
No things to make my brain seem scarred
- Metallica (Sanitarium)


Anonymous said...

totally romantic :)
now again I dont think this is for "aam janata" :P

Jack Sparrow said...

:) :) :)

I'm just grinning.

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

take a bow.
that picture was one classic composition.

PS: That is what is called a paradigm shift, is it?
Sanitarium, I mean. It seems to fit just right. :)

Art said...

and cliff burton is rolling in his grave.

Jack Sparrow said...

Art: Why do you think Cliff is rolling in his grave ?